[NXJP] [VIN] Vindictus Heads to Japan

Vindictus is a next-generation action MMORPG set as a prequel to popular fantasy life MMO Mabinogi. After a phenomenal launch in Korea and America in 2010, Nexon Japan has announced that they will join Nexon Europe and Shanda Games (China) in the launching of their own service of the game later this year. Vindictus will be known in Japan as ‘Mabinogi: Heroes’, as it is in Korea and China.

Congrats Japan!

Posted on June 21, 2011, in Nexon Japan, Vinductus/Mabinogi Heroes and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. I prefered the pie picture 😥

  2. I actually did too. But a theme change means a picture change and the currently theme is Chaos.

  3. Oh! I didn’t know about this. Interesting. Too bad I can’t play it no matter which country it is, due to the lack of a decent computer. lol

    • You’re right, Vindictus can be quite demanding due to its graphics and effect and action and stuff. But if you can play Dragon Nest you should be able to play Vindictus, just not on very high graphics settings.

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