[DN] Dragon Nest America Launches Officially on September 28

Good news everyone! Nexon America will launch the official service of Dragon Nest’s North American servers next Wednesday, September 28. Nexon will also perform some big new updates which include a new central town (Saint’s Haven), 10 new danger-filled dungeons, a level cap increase to 32 and over 500 new quests. New skills will be unlocked for all subclasses.

Players will also be able to enjoy a series of celebratory in-game events starting next Wednesday, September 28th. Bonus empowerment points, which award additional EXP, cash item giveaways and more are planned to celebrate the launch.

I haven’t been playing Dragon Nest America or Dragon Nest SEA recently because of my busy schedule. I plan to play in the future though, hopefully becoming active again once September is finally over.

D  R  A  G  O  N                 N  E  S  T


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  1. “Good new everyone” ~~ Aaaah Futurama 🙂

  2. msupdate :
    Professor WeirdlyShapedHead is pro.


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