[GAM] [BF] Gamania Taking Bubble Fighter To Taiwan

Nexon revealed recently that it has partnered with popular Taiwanese game publisher Gamania for the servicing of Crazy Shooting Bubble Fighter in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. The service is expected to begin its launch process in November.

Bubble Fighter is part of the ‘Crazy’ series of games which also includes Crazy Arcade (PopTag!) and CrazyRacing KartRider (Kart Rider). It is a casual third-person shooter (TPS) featuring the renowned super deformed characters from the ‘Crazy series’.

Gamania has been in operation out of Taiwan for 17 years and has recently signed an agreement for Nexon for the Taiwanese service of Cyphers. Gamania is the number one game publisher in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau where they publish games like MapleStory, Dragon Nest, Counter-Strike Online, Kart Rider, Mabinogi, Atlantica, Dungeon Fighter Online, PopTag!, Sudden Attack, Lineage, GetAmped, Grand Chase and Elsword. A leading share of Gamania was controversially acquired by Nexon Co. Ltd. earlier in 2012.


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    • If I were Nexon I wouldn’t bring Bobble Fighter to the West either. I doubt it would catch with American or European audiences.

      • Yeah it would.

        Its a shooter (Hardcore) and Casual-like, to bring in the casual people..

        ..then release kartrider. 😀

        • It hardly has a hardcore aspect in truth. It does have some thrilling action aspects but I doubt it’s enough for Western success.

          • True. True.

            Ugh. Life as a casual gamer sucks. =P

            • Yes, you’re in somewhat of a minority when it comes to North American casual gamers perfectly willing to download a large game client in order to play a casual game.

              • The dwonload doesnt matter! 5 seconds or 5 years! I’ll download a fun game. =)

                • But you’re in a minority with that mindset. That’s one of the reasons that Nexon has pinned to the failures of the North American services of PopTag!, Kart Rider and Audition. The average Western gamer tends to go for hardcore type games over casual games, especially when that casual game requires a download pretty close to the size of some hardcore games.

                • Ngh, still miss PopTag.. PopTag doomsday by Ponskay. I’m in all the pics in the town where everyone is standing protesting the end of PopTag..

                  -Sigh- I looked so out of place, not NX’d at all. Though, still brings back memories.

                  Wait, On Topic? mmk.
                  MapleStory = Casual.

                  MapleStory = 2 gig download

                  MSA = 1mil likes.

                  “The average Western gamer tends to go for hardcore type games over casual games”

                  BUTBUT.. MAPLESHORY IS CASUAL!

                  Think about it. At these low times of MS where NOTHING is going on.. couldnt they release a casual game like KR to keep the players playing Nexon games? I mean srsly, not many ppl are playing as of late. They could be gaining NX.. ‘stead people are getting bored and moving on till Tempest…heck..They might never be coming back! (I am coming back but some ppl may stray away forever)

                  Whatever Nexon. Love Hardcore gamers? Just release Chyphers at least for God Sakes.
                  I’d like to see your reponse. =)

                • And I stand by the statement that I’ve made several times in the past. I say that if MS was released in America now (or anytime within the past few years) it would have failed epically. If it even did become somewhat of a success, it sure wouldn’t be the juggernaut it was at its peak or is today. MS is a huge exception to the rule due to many factors coming together perfectly.

                  MapleStory was released in North America as almost as experimental project to test free-to-play over here. I’m too tired to go into this tonight but I tink that early in MS’s life some factors just came together to make the game work. And don’t think that I’m saying MS is a bad game and is just lucky to be as popular as it is. I’m not saying that at all. I think that the game’s quality is one of the factors which lead to its success.

                  And besides, in truth, MapleStory LOOKS casual but PLAYS semi-hardcore to hardcore (depending on aspect of gameplay).

                • “And besides, in truth, MapleStory LOOKS casual but PLAYS semi-hardcore to hardcore”

                  -Cough- BubbleFighter is like that. -cough-

                  And I can’t come up with any other objections from your statements.

                  Though I CAN say.

                  MSA has more likes than MS, so it might be safe to say that 100k maybe more people FOUND MSA NOT KNOWING ABOUT MS.

                  “If MS was released now, it would FAIL”

                  Let’s say MS aint released. I bet at least HALF of the likes on MSA would learn about MS and download. Thats 500k~ maybe.


                • Hardly. BF has a thrill to it but doesn’t play hardcore. Apart from a few moment and surprises it’s actually a pretty slow paced shooter.

                  Not necessarily. As a matter of fact I doubt it. The reason for MSA having more likes is more likely to be due to the fact that there’s a little more reason to ‘like’ a Facebook game that you like rather than a client game that you like. I don’t think popularity is a big factor.

              • -2 Days Later-

                *Sigh* I still cant think of a comeback.

                Shame, things were going well in my favor for awhile. -Raises White flag-

                Good Job. =)

                • Check out my latest comment about DFO on “[NX] [NT] [TS] Nexon To Publish ProjectNT in North America, Europe, South Korea and Japan” post.

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