[GMS 1.06] Removal of Dual Blade, Cannoneer, Mercedes and Demon Slayer Character Creation

Greetings, Maplers!

As we prepare for the upcoming year in MapleStory, Dual Blades, Cannoneers, Mercedes, and Demon Slayers are becoming “limited-time” character classes. These character classes will not be available in the Character Creation screen starting with the March game update, scheduled for the second week of March.

Please note this restriction will NOT affect any of these classes that were created before the restriction goes into effect.

If you haven’t started your journey as a Dual Blade, Cannoneer, Mercedes or Demon Slayer, head into MapleStory and get going today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I already created a Dual Blade/Cannoneer/Mercedes/Demon Slayer. What will happen to my character?
A: This change will NOT affect any existing characters.

Q: Will my Dual Blade/Cannoneer/Mercedes/Demon Slayer character be deleted come the March game update?
A: No. All existing Cannoneer, Dual Blade, Mercedes, Demon Slayer characters will remain in the game. Your character achievements will not be harmed once this restriction goes into effect. With the March game update, no new Cannoneer, Dual Blade, Mercedes, Demon Slayer characters may be created.

Q: Can I still create these character classes now?
A: Yes. You can create any of the four classes up until we start the maintenance for the March update.

Q: Will these limited-time character classes come back?
A: Yes. Announcements regarding their return will be posted on the website.



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  1. When I read this the first 2 times … I was like . .wtf are we going on the KMS tour after 2 years ? Then I realised it was only for a limited amount of time, till the maintenance was done .. or sometime after that .. or atleast I HOPE SO !!!
    I mean if they only bring htem back for 2 months because of the revamps, then I will get mad.
    But WHY do they need to remove the creation option. I mean.. other revamps were done easily without needing to remove the creation button. So .. WHY !!?!??!
    I mean, the only thing I can think of is revamping the tutorial .. but remember when they did the same thing last year, removing heroes…. why ? For no reason at all !
    I mean, heroes aren’t getting removed like the other 4 jobs right now, yet they get the SAME revamp … SO I don’t get it… why do that…
    Zach could you tell me ….
    Or can you awsome bro @ Nexon tell me .. I mean …. I don’t need to know what content or anything, but if it involves some content, then please tell me like : It involves some special content I can’t talk about .. and we need to stop the creation because [x]

    Thanks Zach/ …. Orange … right ?

    • I doubt that the reason they’re being removed is because of upcoming revamps. I think it’s to promote creation of other types of classes, such as Explorers and Cygnus Knights. Dual Blades and the Legends classes were made purposely powerful. But I’ll ask Orange when he comes.

      • Thanks I would greatly appriciate it …

        Shakar said that it is because they copy-pasta KMS, and KMS removed char creation .. Now .. I see some sense in that, and to be honest, I REALLY doubgt Nexon America’s queality in developing .. They copy paste the wrong stuff, they make big mistakes when patching … And the fun part is, that you RARELY hear anthing bad about KMS, like glitches and stuff, but when THAT SAME CONTENT gets ported to GMS, for some weird ass reason, it HAS glitches that KMS never had .. could you also ask Orange how they transfer patches .. because how come there is a glitch that hasn’t been there in kms (talking about same content stuff.. like legend glitches… I.E. Merc and Demon Slayer freeze Cutscene)

  2. When do they come back?

  3. Marcos Tovalin

    I heard alot of people are quitting because of this. I Hope the classes come back soon. >_<"

  4. fjkel;akjfiela;s

    when do dual blades come back?? i really want them 😛

  5. i was almost going to quit till i manage to compose myself but serously turning them to limited time classes aint fun i mean a friend of mine wanted to be one and he just came back to playing maple. this sucks but they will come back on limited times so can someone notify me in advance when they return…

  6. god, im going to quit malpestory until hey come back x3
    someone update me when they WILL come back 😀

  7. Im not gon play maple till they come back and its 2013 already D:

    Luckily i already have a demon slayer but i was about to start the mercedes 🙂

    But i’ll play from time to time…

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