[KRD] Kart Rider Dash Closed Beta Begins March 28

The closed beta for Nexon’s anticipated social racing MMO Kart Rider Dash begins on Wednesday, March 28 at 5:30PM Pacific (8:30PM Eastern). At that point closed beta applications will be closed so be sure to check out the game page to sign up! Also, click the thumbnails below for previews of Kart Rider Dash!


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  1. What.. Nexon Ameica doesn’t have Kart Rider as a game right?
    So is this the Facebook version, or is this the real version, but they just added the word DASH behind it to differenciate them from the korean version, much like the word GLOBAL behind Maplestory?

  2. What? It’s Multiplayer? *Incredibly Psyched* Thanks for the info msupdate. You never let me down! ;D If it gets popular enough, Let’s pray Nexon will consider making an MMO, but at the same time, since there’s a FaceBook version, does this mean there’ll never be an MMO? Well nexon not even bother? So many questions, so little answers.. But, I guess we should enjoy the FaceBook version we have for now! 😉

    • Yes, indications are that the game will offer multiplayer races and interaction which is rare for a Facebook game and that tells me that this game was probably pretty heavily invested into by Nexon. Indications too say that the idea of the return of the browser-based Kart Rider MMO which was in CBT and OBT in America in 2007-2008 has not been thrown out of the water. It’s possible that this it will return if Kart Rider Dash is successful, considering that Kart Rider Rush for the iOS has been very successful with nearly 7 million downloads so far.

      But of course this Facebook version of the game could be a total replacement for the client-based game but I’ll have to see the content in the FB version to think whether or not that could be true. Because from the previews that we got it seems that KRD has great graphics and has pretty completely content as the client, so maybe it’s a total replacement.

  3. Total replacement. Let’s pray not! I’m pretty sure this won’t follow a Lobby-based system. And I heard that from a source (Hopefully its not true) that there will be something called fuel. (You can only play a certain amount of games in a designated time) ‘Course, it could be false. Another thing, they probably won’t have all those karts like in the real cilent. And not as much events. This can’t be a total replacement.
    Oh! And did you notice they put a Korean Time zone? Do koreans have access to this game? Let’s hope this becomes popular so Nexon will insist on creating a full-fledged cilent version!

    Again, thanks for making the post, never would’ve known about this Closed Beta!

    • You’re probably right. A lobby system probably won’t appear in a Facebook page. I wouldn’t say a fuel system is out of the question because I’ve been trying to figure out how Nexon will work the usual Facebook ‘fatigue’ into this game and that seems logical but annoying and could harm the game’s performance.

      All of Nexon’s Facebook games are accessible to Korea. As a matter of fact, MapleStory Adventure is (or was, or something) available in the Korean language.

  4. Bored…

  5. Tried it today and really impressed. Feels just like the client based game. The fuel system is there but it’s refreshed upon levelling up and you can pay a small amount of in-game currency to top it up. Additionally it’s only 6 minutes wait between fuel topping up, so it may only affect the most hardcore of gamers. I only had time to try item mode, but it felt good and I noticed no lag. One thing I did wish was that there was more time to cancel out of a game after finishing one. Presently you only have 7 seconds. Can’t wait to play some more tomorrow!

    • Seriously, the fuel system doesn’t bring down the game. Are you seriously gonna finish 6 races in 6 minutes? That’s probably to stop the mulitude of Hackers that are on FaceBook. Item mode is nice and (as explained below) your most likely playing against bots. In Open Beta/Full release, hopefully you have a 100% of playing against real people that talk and drift. And i wouldnt implement the cancel feature because the game needs time to calculate the EXP. (don’t overestimate it, it’s just a FaceBook game)

      I’ve been hearing things that in CB you play against alot of bots instead of real players. Hence the fact that the CPU’s dont drift or chat. I have proof because I racing against GIJoey. I’m GIJoey. So it just takes a name and sticks it to a bot racer to make you think its a real racer. Granted, It is a Closed beta and used for testing, but c’mon. I can’t really have much fun playing against bots. But its good to see your in the faith of KartRider, David!

      Cheers for a cilent based version! 😀

      • Not sure if you’re replying to me or those above but I would agree that the fuel system doesn’t bring it down too much. Here are a few more things that I’ve noticed thus far (played about 3 hours).

        – Races seem to be pretty easy to win (is this because I am racing bots as Joey says, or everyone else is terrible? – I’m definitely not great).
        – Because of this, it’s pretty easy to gain in-game currency
        – Fuel refills are pretty cheap considering you make back the gold after about 3-4 races on average – I like this, encourages more play
        – Engine upgrades seem to make a massive difference – I haven’t played other versions of Kart Rider to know if this is always the case but it seems you need a few upgrades to be competitive (as is expected with F2P).
        – Not seen anyone say anything in chat yet – is this bugged?

        Overall really enjoying it. The move to 2 laps is nice in keeping a fun and varied experience. Will look forward when I can race with all of my friends.

        • Yeah, I was replying to you, David. Matter of fact, I’ll do it again!
          1. -Yeah It’s the bots. Just Raced against My “Sister” *Cough*bot*cough* (She was outside at the time)

          2. -In-game currency is no big deal. But This IS A CLOSED BETA! remember that, Files wiped and bots data deleted. No holds barred after full release! (Let’s Hope)

          3. -As I said, Fuel is no big deal. 😀

          4. -In the cilent KartRider, You purchase different types of Karts with their own corresponding stats. In this version, you have to buy engine upgrades. Personally, I think the engine upgrades in this game can kinda be cheap. Purchasing karts in the real version was balanced. Sure, some karts are obviously better than others. But it’s mostly it’s what you prefer, (More speed, handling, drifting.etc) But with this engine system, customizing your kart is useless and you spam everything until all stats are incredibly high. THIS ain’t fair.

          5. -No one is saying things in the chat because most likely your racing against bots. Sometimes you get paired up with another person and they drift and chat, but oh so rarely.

          6. -I prefer 3 laps TBH and I wish there was a lobby system (heck, even a simple one) so you can choose your course, but I’m not complaining, KartRider’s Back!

          My Opinion: As said before, I think bots will be Closed/open beta exclusive. If not, then you can play them to “hone your skills” or if no one else is playing. Still, I want my cilent version..

          • Yeah, although this game is pretty well designed I would so so loved the client version to return. Or at least for the FB version to be updated with more features of the client version. I prefer 3 laps and the ability to choose your map too.

  6. It is fun, I can tell you that.
    You know how most games lag on Facebook? It doesn’t lag at all, it wants to lag my entire Chrome browser instead, LOL! I can’t view the other tabs without closing the KartRider Dash one and waiting about 3 minutes to close it.

    It is really decently made, had no problems except one time where the game bugged and made me stuck on the loading screen.

    Leveling is really easy and gaining coins is a breeze once you get the hang of it. The first couple of runs, I sucked, I lost control in a matter of seconds but after a few laps, I figured out a neat trick (it’s not a glitch/bug, don’t worry 🙂 )to get first every time that only a few people know apparently.

    • @MapleFreak26:
      1. -Ohh It doesn’t lag for me either, this game looks beautiful!

      2. -It’s closed beta. Obviously bugs will be frequent. Awesomely enough, there wasn’t as much I thought there would be.

      3. -There’s my problem with this beta at the moment. The multitude of (easy) bots make leveling too easy. Hopefully Files will be wiped at full release and bots will be gone so leveling will be harder, and we will have more of challenge.

      I feel like I’m taking msupdate’s job of responding to comments, but if he wants me to stop i will. And it’s good to see you all are enjoying kartrider. 🙂

      • Yup yup, bots are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too easy. I’d love a challenge instead of these walk overs that I’m doing. NUUUU. Keep posting actively :)!!

      • You aren’t taking his job, you are taking mine!
        but it’s okay, I am not that interested in Kart Rider, so HF commenting on that :p

  7. Wow, my egg is getting all scarmbled now… we have 2 more “active” banners… GIJoey and David .. ooh and Maplefreak … but that is Zach’s slave so he doesn’t 1 2 3 4 :p

    Just wondering, why did you guys never post before? Did you just discover MSupdate?, where,….. WHEN ?! xD

  8. I love the game. It lacks from features of the real game like choosing maps but its really fun.

  9. Is gms really going to make a new class call eric? I just readed this information in ribbonpig blog.

  10. @nightcodex – discovered MSupdate recently, amazing website.

    @GIJoey – Now that I’ve thought about it I agree with most of your point. About a client version, do you think there would be a wide enough audience to satisfy it? I really don’t know why the NA model never took off and my only assumption was that demand was low. Recently tried the Russian version and the playerbase is low (okay, it is Russia) but I wonder if it would be tough to do a global version based on ping and if Europe has a wide enough audience. One feature they need to fix/implement rapidly is improving the buddy system. I can’t currently find a way to match myself + x friends with other people to make up a race. I don’t have too many friends that would be interested in this so I wouldn’t look forward to 2-3 man races. I also didn’t understand what you were saying about the engines, don’t they currently replace each other rather than stack? Also some sort of map choice feature would be good, even if it was a “reject” button that skipped the map if >50% agreed.

    [/wall of text]

    • /lolwalloftaxt You should see the walls that Nightcodex and I produce when we’re talking sometimes in previous posts.

      But that’s one of the biggest issues looking at the game. Will Kart Rider, the casual cartoonish non-violence extremely fun and enjoyable game appeal enough to the North American audience to form a large enough base of players to be successful. It’s obvious that Kart Rider already has a decently sized base of fans over there that are just sitting on the edges of their seats for a return of the game, but that’s not enough. A North American Kart Rider would have to lure the current base of fans into playing (which shouldn’t be too hard) but then it would have to appeal to gamers to play the game.

      Kart Rider is very fun but the issue that has many times worried Nexon America and is one of the biggest reasons they cancelled the game’s release in North America is the download. Notice how in my recent list of Nexon games that should be brought to North America I could only find 4 games? And even of those 4 games only 2 (Cyphers and Kart Rider) were likely of being brought over? It’s because the formula for success that Nexon has used in Korea and has found blowout success with simply won’t work to find similar success in North America and Europe. I think that’s a reason why Nexon America and Nexon Europe get games so slowly. A multi-megabite download for such a casual game as Kart Rider just isn’t going to attract players and that was part of the thinking for a Facebook version, a version not requiring download. In Korea most gaming takes place through gaming cafes where popular competitive games such as Kart Rider, Dungeon Fighter Online and League of Legends are played frequently, therefore not required to be downloaded on your personal PC. And even without the factor of gaming cafes, Korean gamers tend to embrace ‘cute-ish’ casual games much more readily than the average North American gamer who would prefer hardcore games. So can Kart Rider really build the audience needed to be profitable and live up to the rest of the game in Nexon’s MMO line up? I can’t be 100% sure, but I have faith that it can overcome its obstacles.

  11. @David: I can’t say anything msupdate hasn’t said before.

    @Msupdate: Ugh, Thing is, I like the Korean’s style of gameplay more than NA’s. Explosions of generic FPS’s is way too bland. Like, maybe if there was a few it’d be fine. but there’s way to much. Personally, I never knew about Gaming cafes but i could care less about the download. i mean srsly, theres 1trillabyte computers now. But what you said PERFECTLY MAKES SENSE! the reason PopTag was brought over and not KR is because the download was nothing.
    FaceBook games aren’t the answer, Nexon. Compare MapleStory To MapleStory Adventures. Zombie misfits and Wonder cruise is just bleh. KartRider seems like it was made on a high budget. Online and stuff. Probably the best FaceBook game. Maybe Nexon is trying to bring in the casual players and then pull the plug on the FaceBook game and Pull out the client. I never had the honor to try the PC version five years ago, but iOs and FaceBook games are fun. Looking at footage from the internet it looks like pure gold.
    Ah whatever, Let’s just hope Nexon’s plan ends with *KartRider Full release! Download By Clicking the “Play!” Button.*

    • And I don’t. I think the tastes of American gamers>the tastes of Korean gamers. More than the average American gamer, however, I accept and appreciate the Korean market for what it is and many times play casual games which would be rejected by the average American gamer. Our first disagreement and something for us to argue on. That’s a good thing BTW. But there are things I agree with you on. Yes, as you said the explosition of generic FPS’s (I’m so stealing this phrase) is getting to be a little ridiculous now. I’m waiting for FPS’s with new ideas to be release en-masse such as Webzen’s/Red 5’s upcoming Firefall which I already know will see massive success when it’s released. http://firefallthegame.com/home

      But not everyone has 1TB. I’m a gamer and I’m technological and I don’t on either my laptop or my desktop. Internet speeds in America are also generally slower than in Korea which adds to download times. And remember that people don’t a play a single game at a time. Where in Korea you go to said gaming cafes and play all of your games, in America all of these games must be downloaded on your personal computer. That’s load, load and more load. Where will such a casual game like Kart Rider fit in? If you’re a hardcore gamer playing the typical subscription MMO then your games alone would take up so much space.

      I think that Nexon exploring the Facebook platform is excellent, but that’s another thing for us to disagree on, I guess :). MapleStory Adventures is quite a good game IMO. Not many Facebook games like it, and it has received a certain level of success. Far less successful are Zombie Misfits and Wonder Cruise. I LOVE ZOMBIE MISFITS. The game is sooooo fun but hasn’t found a large audience, unfortunately. Wonder Cruise I don’t find nearly as fun and neither has it found an audience. I doubt that the Facebook version of the game would be closed to make way for the client version. Seems unlikely. More likely that they’d run concurrently with possible bonuses for playing them both. And trust me, the client version is amazing. And I’ve said it so much and I’ll say it again: IT IS FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

      But PopTag! was released in Korea. All the way back in 2001. It’s called Crazy Arcade. That spawned the ‘Crazy’ series of games: Crazyracing KartRider, Crazy Shooting Bubble Fighter and Crazyracing Air Rider. Air Rider has since been closed in Korea. See… http://ca.nexon.com/main/page/nx.aspx

      • -Well, I haven’t really explored much of Nexon’s FaceBook Games so I don’t really Have a lagitimate reason to lash on them. And I guess i’ve only played one level of Zombie misfits. Heh heh. ^_^; I’m going to take your word and play them a bit more. If there’s another FaceBook post I’ll post my findings there since it would be irrevelvant anywhere else.

        -ANYWAY I’m kinda starting to get into FPS’s but as stated before. TOO. MUCH! The reason in which Tribes Ascend is so popular is because it has new mechanics. Like “Skiiing and jetpack flying” Nexon should try that approach. A non-generic FPS. Hocestly I’ve never heard of Gaming cafés before. That’s what WikiPedia is for!

        -And I have a VERY LOW SPEC COMPUTER. My friends all say its a dinosaur. When I play Vindictus I have to go on the lowest settings on a private server cuz players (Other than in an instance) make me lag. ._. I’m not rich enough to get a 1TB computer. XD Oh. And dont get me started on download times..

        -Oh Yes I know. iOS/FaceBook version is fun but it doesn’t look as sleek at all compared the client. Best of all, No Bots! 😀

        -I want Bubble fighter. A Casual shooter? I’M IN! Plus it’s third person. Only TPS’s i know are Battlefield Heroes GunZ the duel and Microvolts.

        -Sure. I took Generic FPS from you and added in a bit. Your free to take that phrase. o:

        -And I heard that AirRider closed. The teaming thing looked like a blast to try out! *Sigh*

        -The other FaceBook Games May have been underrated, sure! KartRider Dash has 4000+ likes and it hasn’t even been shown on the Nexon Game Page yet. I’m likin’ it alot!

        -Hmm.. I guess they wouldn’t close down the FaceBook version but do you think it’ll be like Maplestory & Maplestory adventures? (You link your Nexon & FB account and you get EXP in the actual Maplestory by Playing MapleStory Adventures.) I think your theory Is better (As Always ;D)

        -Last thing before I reach the charicter limit, Nexon Better fix the Time zones! 8:30pm- 8:30am for me. i want to play during the day… Guess that’s what the other games are for right?

        -Okay, Let’s NOT make this into hate though. But frendly convos about things are fun lol. American market has it right with Games like League of legends. Which would make it logical for Nexon to release Chypers. But the market is too hardcore. Kinda wish it was abit more Balenced out. Look at Nexon Korea. Everything is balenced out perfectly! Some like FPS’s some like Racing some like Tactical games some like Adventure type.etc

        -Oh. And this is now my 3rd favorite website. Take a bronze medal!

        • Tribes: Ascend has actually disappointed me a bit. I honestly expected it to be a blowout. It’s doing really well but not quite as overwhelmingly-super-dooper never-before-seen-server-stress-trillions-of-people-online-internet-dies popular as I thought it would. It’s a nice game though. Gaming cafes are really just internet cafes but in Korea they capitalize on the demand for gaming centres, download games on their computers and allow users to come in and play for long periods of time. It’s the past time in Korea and is also pretty common in countries such as Japan and China but there are so many choking limitations on them in China, as you would expect.

          Ewwwww I hate when people turn down the graphics setting in Vindictus. The game is just so beautiful you’re missing out. But I understand what you have to do it.

          Bubble Fighter is fun but it’s not the thing that I see coming over to America. I’ve played it and I love it.

          Oh yes! That team mode with the shooing. Wow that looked amazing and I never got a chance to try it. I didn’t know it was going to close before it did :(. I honestly thought it was doing well considering the blowout that Kart Rider was and is (yes, ‘blowout’ and ‘blowout success’ join ‘success’ as another one of my frequent phrases used to describe how well a game is doing positively.

          Zombie Misfits really is a wonderful game. It can get frustrating at times. I nearly broke my mouse out of frustration one time. Well I did break the mouse but I fixed it :).

          It’s possible that they’re would be a connection similar to one used in MS and MS Adventures. I would like that because it would encourage players to play both instead of just one of the games.

          From what I’ve seen based on the bots that I’m playing against it seems a pretty good share of the players are Asian. It’s possible that since this is closed beta they want to keep it open during they day in Korea and… well I honestly don’t know. But if you notice when the servers go off at 5:30AM changes are made to the game before they come back online at 5:30PM. The most noticeable is the NO2 gauge filling much slower than it was on the first day of beta.

          There’s a character limit on this thing? I had no idea xD.

          Don’t worry. I’ve been having friendly arguments with Nightcodex for years (literally). He’s convinced me to accept his opinion on certain issues and I’ve convinced him to accept my opinion on others. It’s all friendly. Of course there are those things which we agree to disagree on for the rest of eternity.
          The Korean, Japanese and Chinese markets really are quite balanced as you said. Publishers like Nexon have found blowout success by taking a more casual approach while other publishers such as NCSoft have found similar success with a hardcore take at the market. I’m a typically hardcore gamer who enjoys a share of casual games. I too wish that Western markets were warmer to casual games so that these games could find a home in the market. There are casual games out there, but they aren’t the best ones. The best ones which are developed in Korea and Japan are usually IP of a big developer/publisher who would be very hesitant to bring it to America or Europe due to the hostile environment for casual games over here.

          -Takes medal-. Thanks :D. Just out of curiosity, what are your 1st and 2nd favourite websites. (I’m not planning a nuclear attack on their servers to destroy them forever so I’ll be your #1 website or anything… pfft).

  12. -TBH I played tribes and It was a hassle to aim and jetpackers and skiiers. but I thought it was doing better. :S

    -How do you play Nexon Korea Games? I thought you needed a KSSN and stuff. Oh and if It’s something illegal I’m out! But yeah, Bubble fighter would be a nice addition, but NA prefers hardcore so its fine.

    -I thought the “Crazy series” Of Games were a “BLOWOUT SUCCESS” 😀 It’s kind of troubling to see AirRider get taken out but i guess they have their reasons.

    -I’m going to try a few levels later(Zombie Misfits). Been pretty busy today. But Congratulations on breaking your mouse! 😉

    -Yeah. For half the day People test KartRider Dash. and the other half they make fixes. I’m pretty surprised to see them working so hard on this game. Go KartRider!

    -Well I’m sure theres a charicter limit. Just i don’t think anyone has ever reached it, yet.

    -Well, I’m a typically casual gamer who enjoys a share of hardcore games. I honestly don’t mind hardcore games, They’re really fun! But I prefer casual games. When I’m bored I found myself playing PopTag in my spare time. Y’know the good thing about PopTag not having much people is that you remember alot of them. 😛 But I will agree that the casual games bright over to NA that aren’t owned by some kind of Nexon are terrible. Search Up an MMO called Come On Baby! Star racing! Or something. Its babies running behind strollers with whatever other players that bother to play that game so you can beat them to the finish line..

    -Oh. Just YouTube And Nexon. Your obviously the best Blogger IN THE UNIVERSE!

    =======End Of Replies=======

    On A side note, what Nexon (NA) games do you play and what server(s)? I’d like to add you in some! 😉 If you dont want to answer this question yet it’s fine.

    Me? MapleStory (Active On Windia)

    Dungeon fighter online. (Simple, Server is Cain)

    Dragon Nest. (Argenta)

    Vindictus (East server) accidently clicked it though. Meant to click west. -_-

    • I have Korean friends who create accounts for me. You can create 5 Nexon Korea accounts per KSSN.

      The reason was because it wasn’t doing well and it was obvious. Some of the events that they had before the game closed made it painfully obvious that Nexon was desperate to attract players to the game.

      Thanks :). Next up: breaking my keyboard when I die in MS.

      Oh yes. PopTag had quite a tight community. Maybe we had met up in the game and don’t even know. I didn’t play it all that much though and I wasn’t particularly good at it either. I remember that game. It was such a lol. Back when Alaplaya was unknown.

      -Targets rockets strapped to nuclear bombs for Youtube server centre-. Nexon can stay since it is awesome :P.

      I like to keep my gaming and blogging life separate. Stick around here a little more and you’ll get to know more about my life inside games and maybe even my IGNs eventually. But I play MS actively in Scania and Bera. I play Vindictus actively in West server. Inactively/on-and-off, I play Dragon Nest in Argenta, Cain, Mabinogi in Alexina, Atlantica in Sikyon, Combat Arms and ofc MS Adventures and Zombie Misfits.

      What games do you play outside of Nexon, if any?

      • -Didn’t know that AirRider had events. Probably NX giveaways am i right? Kinda reminds me of the PopTag Event when you got 100,000 NX. Or was it 1 million?

        -We might’ve met In PopTag. ‘Course I was GIJoey always playing as Dao. I was level 149ish when the game closed.

        -*BOOM* Okay your second now! http://www.ghirardelli.com/images/recipes/recipe_image_1045.jpg < Safe link.

        -Oh Yeah, That's fine. I completely understand. You don't have to tell me anything if you don't want to. 😛 I remember seeing a post with your IGNs But I'm not going to go there. I'm In Windia anyway. I'm More active in Maplestory at the moment too. Though not as much as I used to.

        -I don't really play any games outside of Nexon. I'm thinking of getting into League Of Legends Though.

        • Yup, there were NX giveaways and giveaways of in-game items to encourage people to play. It was 1 million NX. I wish I had won that :(.

          Wow I don’t think I was anywhere near those levels.


          LOL you can find those IGNs. I don’t mind people contacting me on Maple.

          LoL is a really great game if you like real-time strategy. If you don’t like RTS then it probably isn’t going to be fun. I love it and you should go ahead and try it.

          • -I was online then too.. You Lucky, FrozenEra..

            -Yeah. The thing that motivated me to play the Poptag the most is because you could just hop into a room and have an hilarious conversation while Playin’.

            -If I ever decide to make a guy in Scania or Broa I’ll look for ya.

            -I love RTS! I’m hoping Chyphers comes soon. ;D


            Oh and for PopTag. (Responding to last post) Since Poptag has a short community you have to go the Newbie server (Which no one is on) And The “Totally skillz” server. I got pummeled when I first played. ._.;

  13. In other news, I am sick. Got the flue, couldn’t get much sleep at night, kept waking up with this annoying dry throath … you know … when you have pain in the back of your throat and it hurts when you swallow, not idea what to call it :p

    Kept waking up having to chough, and my nose is killing me. STUPID STUPID STUUUPPIIIDDDD FLUE!
    Oooh well, hae a day off from work :p
    Tobad skyrim laggs on my ps3, and I can’t play it, else I would do that today…… Maple is getting way to boring for me :((((((
    Just waiting for Pirate and thief revamp.


  14. Still bored ….
    watch this :


  15. Anyone played any more Kart? After tinkering a little with the KartRider Russia server (ssssh don’t tell anyone!) I remembered how much nicer the client based version is, though that’s to be expected when comparing it to a facebook game. They also need to make the tutorial optional in the facebook client, it’s pretty annoying.

    Looking forward to the open beta where I can play more often with my friends.

  16. I Can’t believe I’m saying this, But I’m actually hoping That Nexon releases Chyphers more than KartRider cilent. It’s because since they have a FaceBook version, the hope that it comes is just blown away.

  17. @GIJoey you reckon that the chances are slim that KR will be released because of the facebook version or is it the other way around? I didn’t quite understand.

  18. @David: The chances are slim that the actual game comes because there’s a FaceBook version coming, unless Nexon trolls us and cancels the Faceabook page right after open beta, again..

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