[GMS] Demon Slayer Release Date Announced

I predicted Demon Slayers to arrive on December 4, but I was wrong. The Demon Slayer class will arrive on January 11, 2012. This according to the official MapleStory Facebook page.

Check out the teaser page!


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  1. F U NEXON T_T
    That means there is only like 2 more days after the release of Demon Slayer till the 2x exp coupons expire … and why is there a 3 week time thingy between Merc and DS … 19 – 13 … wait that is 4 weeks … WTF !

    • -Stares at CMS and TwMS- Cannoneers in January, Mercedes in February and Demon Slayers in March. Count ourselves lucky.

      -Teaser- “Most Updated” and “Fastest Updated” Rankings Q4 2011 coming soon!

      • yeah but I don’t really care, to long waiting time ..
        I ahve to say I think that this is the best class audition they have made.
        ALl the ones are FUNNY (not liek the stupid girl with the umbrella in the cannon shooter, or the fairy in Mercedes, damn Mercedes is ugly -,-) and the REAL job Demon Slayer was made epic, and not some kind of lame person like Cannoneer.
        The last time I thought their job audition was this epic, was with Mechanic… Funny, how they are both the 3rd job of 1 update, and the most OP 😉

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