[CYP] Cyphers Is Going To Taiwan!

Just days after Cyphers took the #1 spot in Msupdate’s Top 5 Nexon Games That Should Be Brought to North America, it has been announced that Nexon and Neople have partnered with premier Taiwanese publisher Gamania for the servicing of the game in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. I’ll have to edit out “Cyphers Online was launched in South Korea in early 2011 and has yet to be exported to any other market. Come on North America!” which was at the end of the Cyphers description in the top list.

Gamania is the number one game publisher in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau where they publish games like MapleStory, Dragon Nest, Counter-Strike Online, Kart Rider, Mabinogi, Atlantica, Dungeon Fighter Online, PopTag!, Sudden Attack, Lineage, GetAmped, Grand Chase and Elsword.

This is really great news and I really hope that we’ll see Cyphers being brought to America and Europe soon.

Gamania also publishes games in North America and Europe. They currently service Lucent Heart, are preparing for the launches of Divina and Koihime Musou and are re-developing Hero 108 Online. Gamania is also preparing the anticipated non-targeting graphically impressive action MMORPG Core Blaze for release in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, North America and Europe. Check Gamania out at http://us.beanfun.com/.

C     Y     P     H     E     R     S


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  1. Hey! I’m CoolDude. (the new guy from last post) I like this name better. 😛 Anyway, considering how big League Of Legends is, I wouldn’t be surprised if Cyphers turns out to be Nexon’s game for the summer.

    • :D. I really would love for that to happen. League of Legends is probably the biggest game in the West, if not the world right now and Nexon hasn’t explored the real-time strategy genre yet. Atlantica is strategy but it’s turn-based strategy, which is good but given the success of League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, the Starcraft series and other games, it seems to me that Nexon really needs to move into the RTS space.

    • Oppression.

    • @msupdate League of Legends is also big in Korea, people there have even been playing the American version because they couldn’t wait for it to come out.
      Most of them play the Korean version now since its released there.

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