[GMS 1.19] Game Update

MapleStory will be going through a game update starting on Thursday, October 11, 2012. This update will last for approximately 5 hours during which time the game will be unavailable for play.

Pacific: October 11 @ 6AM to October 11 @ 11AM
Eastern: October 11 @ 9AM to October 11 @ 2PM


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  1. Are they preparing for Tempest? Luminous for November? Wow, looks like I’ll have to reinstall GMS soon!

    • Lol, I haven’t been playing much as well, No interesting event/content..

      • Well I haven’t been playing much either, so I can’t really talk.

        • Maple has been boring. Nexon needs to pull ppl back in again. Maybe thats why KMS had such a HUGE tempest update.

          • Maybe. I just wished they’d move away from these event and class updates and go into huge world expansions such as new continents with new towns to explore. I want revamped PQs which give worthwhile EXP rewards.

          • Lol HUGE? All they did was they split up everything in seperate patches. I mean, if they did with Big Bang what they did with Tempest, they could have done it in 10 patches. A couple patches for revamps, 1 patch for map revamps and 3 extra patches, each for every seperate Resistance job :/ Ooh and 1 more seperate one for the EXP curve change -_-

            • Three new classes. Job advancement changes. Magnus. Etc. Whether it came in one update or a few the point is that they came in a single series of updates and in a pretty short period of time. It was huge.

              • 3 new classes is the same thing that happened during Legends and Big Bang.. The only thing besides that what they added was some revamps, job advancement changes and a new boss.. ooh and a new area, but that is because of the new classes…
                So it isn’t THAT huge, considering they spread it over 3 Fing months…. Big Bang had all this in 1 month. Tempest is not so big IMO. I also hate the fact that they advertised it as being bigger than Big Bang.. Pfff -_-

                • Whether or not Big Bang and Legends had a similar update doesn’t take away from Tempest the fact that it was a huge update. All of those updates were huge. Whether or not 3 classes came out in a month or in three consecutive months also doesn’t take away the fact that it’s huge. The point is that we got THREE GREAT NEW CLASSES as well as other content updates within a short space of time.

  2. lol 3 great classes? only lumi is great.. kaiser is lame and angelic an is OP and gimmicy megaman ripoff. Also lasers

    • I disagree. I like all three of them a lot.

      • Angelic Burster = aran ripoff.. Spam your main move till you have enough “combo” to use a skill that uses up some of your current “combo”
        Kaiser = Aran ripoff v2.0.. use some skills on hotkeys and slowly build up your transform, or use ur normal att key and a special key to build it up faster. Once ur transformed ur not a maple char anymore, cuz the game isn’t build for ur size. You are so big that you will glitch through things animation wise… it’s just bad and your skills (sword buff and tranform) fill up a big portion of the screen which are not only annoying for you but also others…. When ur transformed all you can do is do a couple of the same moves… that are OPPPP AND take up a big chunk of the screen again……. bad job -_-

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