The Fight Over Sudden Attack

Nexon is planning on taking over the service of Sudden Attack in Korea this Summer. The database issue has been resolved and Nexon and CJ E&M have agreed to co-publish the game. I think Nexon will do the servicing while CJ will channel. But before the two companies’ current agreement was a conflict that I found interesting to read about.

Nexon acquired Gamehi, Sudden Attack’s developer, in 2010. Nexon waited until Gamehi’s publishing contract with CJ E&M (who had published Sudden Attack since its launch in 2004) expired so they could take it over. Since Sudden Attack is CJ’s biggest title, Nexon’s actions started a conflict between the two companies over Sudden Attack, including a battle over the all-important player data holding character database. If CJ didn’t hand over the database to Nexon when Nexon begins publishing then all Sudden Attack players, whether you just started playing or have been playing since 2004, would have to start over. It took 20 days, but finally the two companies have agreed to co-publish Sudden Attack. Conflict resolved.

But what took place during the conflict?

  1. CJ E&M suggested co-publishing Sudden Attack with Nexon since Sudden Attack is CJ’s biggest game and they don’t want to let it go.
  2. Nexon stands firm and says they will take over full publishing no matter what and will not co-publish with CJ.
  3. The CEO of Gamehi agrees with Nexon, saying that Sudden Attack cannot be split and that the database transfer was his only concern.
  4. Nexon tells CJ to hand over all the game DB including player’s over to them and Netmarble agreed it. Yay!!!
  5. Nexon gets all suspicious of CJ’s kindness and planned an unprecedented event called ‘Move Quickly’ which rewards all the players who migrate their information to Nexon from Netmarble approximately US$60 in game money in pursuit of having their DB without a help of Netmarble in early June. In the ‘Move Quickly’ event, players go into their in-game character information screen and take a screenshot. This is then sent to Nexon. Since this screen has all the information on the character, Nexon can use the submitted screenshots to add character information to their database.
  6. CJ E&M responds by disabling the screenshot feature of Sudden Attack so that players cannot take screenshots and therefore  cannot send their character data to Nexon. -F3-
  7. Nexon then responds by creating their own screenshot program that can be used in Sudden Attack so that players can take screenshots and submit them to Nexon again. Every time that CJ patches Nexon’s screenshot program, Nexon updates it to work again. IN OTHER WORDS, NEXON CREATED A THIRD-PARTY PROGRAM TO BE USED IN ANOTHER PUBLISHER’S GAME AGAINST THAT PUBLISHER’S WILL WHICH GOES COMPLETELY AGAINST WHAT NEXON HAS STOOD FOR (OR HAS APPEARED TO STAND FOR). Low move, Nexon, low move.
  8. After this the 20 days of negotiations began and Nexon and CJ have agreed to end their conflict and have signed a deal to co-publish the game until July 11, 2013. The new terms of service go into effect when CJ’s current publishing agreement with Gamehi expires on July 11, 2011.

Oh, the immaturity of game publishers. Two old partners, Nexon and CJ E&M, locked in a back-and-forth type of battle over a game. I hope Sudden Attack doesn’t lose any players due to this.


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