[SC] Nexon America To Publish Shadow Company

Nexon America, in a letter to shareholders released with their 2011 financial report on February 14, 2012, has announced that they have acquired the publishing rights for Shadow Company in North America. Shadow Company is developed by Doobic Studio, the same developer behind the highly successful Combat Arms, and the game will join Combat Arms and Sudden Attack in Nexon’s line up of powerful first-person shooters, one of the most popular genres of games in Western markets.

Shadow Company was developed on the powerful Unreal Engine 3 and is published by CJ E&M in South Korea.

Doobic Studio is an affiliate of Nexon Co. Ltd.


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  1. Seems fun, hope they can speed up the release!

    • Yeah it does look really really really fun. The graphics are stepped up from Combat Arms. Well obviously, considering the whole Unreal Engine 3 thing. If the gameplay is as good as Combat Arms gameplay, which it looks to be from gameplay vids, this might just be the next big F2P FPS. But IMO, this can only happen if Nexon doesn’t screw it up. Combat Arms is successful but I think it could have been a gold mine for Nexon. A fun F2P generic FPS in the Western market that is published on the same portal as MapleStory. That’s one recipe for something massive. But Nexon messed up by allowing hackers to take over the game. That’s the difference between Combat Arms and Cross Fire, the most popular F2P FPS in the world and likely North America. G4Box has kept the number of hackers in Cross Fire at an acceptable level.

      • I have to be honest, how can that look fun ???
        The enviroment Graphics might have been stepped up, but the gun graphic, animations (like kicking and walking) looks just AWFULL !! It looks like a 2000′ game… or have I been playing to much Battlefield ?

        • The gun graphics look pretty good to me, and the kicking graphics too. I agree that the walking animation looks… unnatural. But it’s not only the graphics that make the game look fun. Seeing these people actually play the game and observing the gameplay makes it look fun. I can usually tell whether I’m going to like a game or not by watching other people play it.

  2. Finally a new game from Nexon America. I hope there others games coming in 2012.

    • Finally? Nexon America launched/took over 10 games, and closed two of those, from 2010 to now. Two games have already been confirmed for this year, with the status of one in question and we’re only in February. The games confirmed are KartRider Rush (March) and Shadow Company (H2) and the game in question is Shaiya, which Nexon acquired the global publishing right to recently and said they would support the game’s American and European services. However, Aeria Games says that they will continue to operate the game in the West. The might just have been PR until the deal with a service transition is sorted out.

      End of long reply.

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