[MSFB] 750,000 Likes

Facebook pages: Nexon America

Nexon: 37,001
MapleStory: 750,438 Likes
Mabinogi: 87,915 Likes
Combat Arms: 810,624 Likes
Dungeon Fighter: 72,814 Likes
Vindictus: 135,824 Likes
Dragon Nest: 239,734 Likes
Atlantica: 158,855 Likes
Sudden Attack: 16,231 Likes
MapleStory Adventures: 868,912 Likes
Zombie Misfits: 27,504 Likes
Wonder Cruise: 4,640 Likes

Total:  3,210,492

Facebook pages: Nexon Europe

Nexon Europe: 10,820 Likes
MapleStory Europe: 29,132 Likes
Combat Arms Europe: 131,080 Likes
Mabinogi Europe: 7,866 Likes
Vindictus Europe: 53,600 Likes

Total:  232,498 Likes


Posted on February 14, 2012, in Nexon Facebook. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. PSA highjack time :
    Today is a sad day , not only is it Valentines day but Gunns4hire left Nextgentactics.


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