[ZI] Zoo Invasion Invades

Nexon has partnered with 6Waves, a social publisher which Nexon invested into earlier this year, for the launch of the tetris-like puzzle game Zoo Invasion on Facebook. Check it out, it’s really fun! http://apps.facebook.com/zooinvasion

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  1. It’s called Zoo Invasion. And I got bored after playing for 20 minutes. ._.;

    Do you think Nexon if trying to bring in a casual audience? Then release something like BubbleFighter Or Everplanet?

    That’d be nice!

    • I knew when I started saying ‘Zombie’ in my head even though I knew it was ‘Zoo’ that I should’ve checked what I put in the post… Thanks :).

      1. Yes, Nexon is aiming towards a social and casual audience.
      2. Facebook games are MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH cheaper to service (and develop in the first place, but that doesn’t really apply) than a client-based and publisher-hosted-server game like Bubble Fighter or Everplanet would. The same reason why KartRider wasn’t officially released for client play in North America applies. North American gamers are incredibly hesitant to download a 1.5GB+ client for such casual games.

  2. *Sigh* I wish i could edit comments. But:

    They have KartRider Dash, Wonder Cruise, Maplestory adventures, Cloudstone(Looks alot like everplanet) and Zoo invasion. Makes me wonder what their summer game will be.

    Though I wouldn’t mind seeing Nexon have Everplanet or something, I’m still looking forward to Chypers the most!

    • Don’t worry. I don’t mind you making my comment count look higher than it should be :P.

      Who said they’ll release a game in Summer? I hope they do though :). Shadow Company likely won’t come until at least Fall. Cloudstone doesn’t really look like Everplanet. It looks somewhat like Ragnarok. Everplanet is cuter and uses that global camera system.

      As much as I like Everplanet and wouldn’t mind playing it in English considering my incompetence in all languages other than English despite my playing of several East Asian games, we have to think about what would be best of Nexon. I just don’t see Everplanet doing very well here in the West.

  3. So … where did your KnifeFace post go?
    Sudden Attack has a Atlantica server right? Or a SEA, what ever…. those blocked players can just go there right?
    I think that most advertisers (like in Maplestory Messo Sellers) are from those area’s, and Nexon doesn’t want them in their Global Service.

    Lol, I remember once in Maplestory, some noob GOLD farmer advertised that he was selling GOLD in Maplestory. -facepalm-… I was like “lol he doesn’t even know the in-game currency of the game where he is advertising in xD”

    • @Nightcodex: one guy said “Selling Lucci!” (random details + site)

      If you didn’t know, Lucci is the currency in the “Crazy” games, like Poptag, KartRider.etc

      Now, THAT’S a fail. XD

      @msupdate: The pattern is they release a game in the summer and the winter. Do you notice?

      Well, I’ve only been playing Nexon since Dec.2010 so I don’t know TOO MUCH, but the pattern is like that so far. 🙂

      • But the last time Nexon has officially launched a game in Winter (defining Winter as December, January, February) was iTCG and PopTag! on January 20 and 26, 2010. Those two are the only two releases Nexon has done during the Winter. But yup, defining Summer as June, July, August, Nexon has released Combat Arms on July 11, 2008, DFO on June 9, 2010 and MapleStory Adventures On July 17, 2011.

        GJ being honest about when you started playing, unlike the remaining 99.999999999% of players of this game who have ALL being playing since BETA -_-.

    • Yes, I know. And that’s why I removed it. I was upset about the whole region block thing and so that didn’t even cross my mind. And Nexon is somewhat right in this instance considering the state of Sudden Attack.

    • And Robbinnnn you haven’t made your love/disgust towards my new blog background and header known yet. Your opinion matters most. No offence anyone else, it’s just that he’s been around longest as my most active commenter.

      • Yeah I noticed it a couple days ago, but I kept forgetting to tell you about that in my comments. I REALLY LIKE IT, only young Mr-T is staring angry at me 😦
        (I know he is from Vindictus) :p

        Now naswer my maaaaaaaail

        • Yay :D. Wait you sent me an email other than the one with the handover plans?

          • no, only the handover plans… and OMG, SHAKAR DUDE WTF. Shakar copied the background you are using. I mean, sure, it is owned by Nexon, but it is a really cheap and lame move, when he clearly got this idea from you. He checks you on a regular basis, and you got this WAY before he did…. pffff, unoriginal dude, unoriginal -,-

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