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[MSFB] 700,000 Likes

Here are the number of likes each of Nexon’s Facebook pages have currently. Data was collected from 2:11PM Pacific to 2:18PM Pacific on November 25, 2011.

Nexon America: 31,410 Likes
Karma Koin: 53 Likes
MapleStory: 700,817 Likes
Mabinogi: 83,302 Likes
Combat Arms: 717,614 Likes
Dungeon Fighter Online: 70,612 Likes
Vindictus: 130,362 Likes
Atlantica: 150,094 Likes
Dragon Nest: 190,890 Likes
Sudden Attack: 7,417 Likes
MapleStory Adventures: 825,035 Likes + 1,300,000 Monthly Active Users
Zombie Misfits: 22,096 Likes + 150,000 Monthly Active Users
Wonder Cruise: 2,244 Likes + 4,000 Monthly Active Users

Total: 2,931,947 Likes + 1,490,000 Monthly Active Users

Nexon Europe: 9,877 Likes
MapleStory Europe: 26,620 Likes
Combat Arms Europe: 119,358 Likes
Mabinogi Europe: 7,682 Likes
Vindictus Europe: 51,025 Likes

Total: 214,562 Likes

[WC] Wonder Cruise Open Beta is Live

Correction: I have been educated to the fact that Wonder Cruise was not developed by Antic Entertainment. Antic co-developed Zombie Misfits with Nexon. I’m not completely sure if any other company partnered with Nexon for Wonder Cruise, but it’s possible that One2Tribe, the other Nexon iNitiative 2010 winner co-developed it.

Wonder Cruise, the cruise simulation multiplayer social game for the Facebook platform, co-developed by Nexon America and Antic Entertainment and published by Nexon America, has entered its open beta phase. The game went through a pre-beta phase in September but was not well received by the public. I can see why, too. The game was an excellent and innovative concept, but was quite boring with not much to do with the little energy in your possession which quickly got depleted during the drawn-out cruises. Repetitive, to say the least.

Want to give Wonder Cruise a try? Check out! While you’re there, try out Nexon America’s two other Facebook games if you haven’t already, Zombie Misfits and MapleStory Adventures.

N   E   X   O   N            O   N          F   A   C   E   B   O   O   K

[MSFB] 650,000 Likes

The number of links on the official MapleStory Facebook page has been slowing down recently, but continues to rise at a pretty good rate.

Nexon America: 27,776 Likes
MapleStory: 650,045 Likes
Mabinogi: 79,510 Likes
Combat Arms: 667,437 Likes
Dungeon Fighter Online: 68,862 Likes
Vindictus: 124,520 Likes
Atlantica: 140,828 Likes
Dragon Nest: 141,846 Likes
MapleStory Adventures: 658,133 Likes + 2,988,918 Monthly Active Users

Total: 2,432,957 Likes + 2,988,918 Monthly Active Users

Nexon Europe: 9,086 Likes
Europe MapleStory: 24,233 Likes
Combat Arms Europe: 113,638 Likes
Mabinogi Europe: 7,528 Likes
Vindictus Europe: 44,816 Likes

Total: 199,301 Likes

[ZM] Zombie Misfits Pre-Beta Now Open!

Nexon America’s Facebook game MapleStory Adventures, which was launched into its open beta on July 27 has already surpassed 3 million monthly active users and continues to grow as Nexon releases new content and prepares content for the near future. Wonder Cruise was a bit of a disappointment in its pre-beta and is closed for now but I’m sure Nexon will make huge improvements before the next beta phase. Now Nexon America presents its third Facebook game, Tower Defense-style game, Zombie Misfits! It’s currently in pre-beta so check it out now!

[MSFB] 600,000 Likes

The official MapleStory Facebook page has passed the 600,000 like mark.

MapleStory: 600,662 Likes
Mabinogi: 74,289 Likes
Combat Arms: 604,307 Likes
Dungeon Fighter Online: 65,339 Likes
Vindictus: 116,747 Likes
Atlantica: 127,255 Likes
Dragon Nest: 58,207 Likes
MapleStory Adventures: 196,383 Likes + 646,388 Monthly Active Users
Nexon: 22,897 Likes

Total: 1,866,176 Likes + 646,388 Monthly Active Users

[NXFB] Combat Arms Surpasses MapleStory On FB Likes

Combat Arms, the popular first-person shooter has surpassed MapleStory, the highly successful 2D side-scrolling RPG and Nexon flagship on Facebook likes.

Nexon: 16,671 Likes
MapleStory: 543,169 Likes
Mabinogi: 68,748 Likes
Combat Arms: 543,683 Likes
Dungeon Fighter Online: 61,080 Likes
PopTag!: 19,771 Likes
Vindictus: 108,135 Likes
Atlantica: 111,451 Likes
Dragon Nest: 22,577 Likes
MapleStory Adventures: 6,846 Monthly Active Users

Total: 1,502,131