[MB2] Mabinogi 2 Character Video Released!

Nexon and DevCAT have finally released a video for Mabinogi 2, the upcoming MMORPG and sequel to fantasy life MMO Mabinogi and action MMO Vindictus. It showcases five characters in Mabinogi 2, representing five classes. It’s not much, but it shows us that the game is certainly on its way and that the graphics aren’t bad at all, even if we can’t get a good look at the game’s graphics from the video. I was very impressed with the details of the graphics and movements of the characters’ hands. Remarkable. The physics seems to be applied very well, as in Vindictus.

This video was showcased at the first ever annual game art exibition, ‘BORDERLESS’, hosted by Nexon. Can’t wait to see Mabinogi 2 launch over there in Korea and hopefully in America soon enough.

DevCAT is an internal development studio of Nexon Korea Corporation and has developed several games including the highly successful games fantasy life MMORPG Mabinogi and the fast paced action MMORPG Vindictus. Husky Express, which was closed last year, was also developed by DevCAT.


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