[HE] Nexon Korea’s Husky Express Closes on April 8

Nexon Korea, Korean’s largest game publisher by revenue, has announced the closure of casual online game Husky Express. Husky Express is developed by devCAT, an internal development studio of Nexon Corporation and developer of Mabinogi and Vindictus. Farewell Husky Express.


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  1. why are they closing it ?

  2. msupdate :
    It launched in August of 2009 making it 19 months or a year and 7 months old. Reminds me of Vietnam MS which closed when it was a year and 11 months old. Should have waited for the 2nd anniversary.

    Maybe they should have waited for aniversary, or as a last way to help the game survive, make a super big update patch, with adventurer balance patch, pirates, aran, evan and DB .. and if people then wouldnt play Vms, then they could kill it, but maybe keeping it alive for 1 month would cost them to much, cause maybe the servers cost alot of money, but the players of VMS weren’t spending money on NX .. but then again looking at howmuch profit Nexon made over the years, and all the other gamecompanys, you think they could sacrifice 1 month

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