[M2:A] Mabinogi 2: Arena Trailer & Combat Demo

Mabinogi 2: Arena, the sequel to the hit online game Mabinogi, will be heading for a big reveal at G*Star 2012 which takes place from November 8 to 11.  The game is developed by DevCat, the same studio which developed Mabinogi, Vindictus (‘Mabinogi Heroes’ in the east) and the now closed Husky Express. So far a game trailer and a combat demo have been released.

Also going to G*Star will be the well received Project NT, FIFA Online 3, Counter-Strike Online 2, Warface and new content for Cyphers. Cyphers will also be heading into China later this year.

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  1. So its basically Vindictus arena?

    • Let’s wait a little while longer before saying that. The combat does seem similar but I’ve got a feeling that we’re not seeing to many details of the game just yet. I have a feeling that there’s more to it than just an arena and session-based brawling game. But we’ll see.

      And I’ve been quite lazy recently but I still promise I’ll start working on my lists soon. Just gimme time :P.

  2. Its okay!
    Take the time you need, its better if you take your time so it will be more awesomer.

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