[CYP] Nexon and Tiancity Brining Cyphers To China

Nexon has been experiencing phenomenal growth and success of its games in China over the past couple of years and the company will be looking to continue the drive with the launch of Cyphers in the country next year. Nexon does not (and very highly likely will never) have a branch in China but Nexon has and continues to partner with the most successful online game publishers in the region to launch their games. Nexon’s games in China have brought both Nexon and the publishers massive success in the country. Those three Chinese publishers are Shanda Games, Tiancity and Tencent.


It has been announced that Nexon and Taincity have partnered to bring the action online game Cyphers to China. Cyphers is an arena-based action title developed by Neople, the same studio which developed the global blockbuster that is Dungeon Fighter Online. Cyphers tops the list of the most anticipated action games of 2012 in Korea and features innovative gameplay that combines strategy and combat with 5-on-5 group fighting, exciting action and breathtaking special effects. The game also features unique characters with groundbreaking superpowers, who inherit different appearances, backgrounds, temperaments, weapons and skills and fight for their own factions.

This announcement comes over seven months after the announcement of Cypher’s push into Taiwan, the website of which can be accessed at http://tw.beanfun.com/cyphers/.


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