[BMS] Brazil MapleStory Closes This October

It has been a long and hard road for the Brazilian service of MapleStory since it was launched three years ago. Sadly, it has been announced that BrazilMS will shut down permanently on October 22, 2011. Nexon has decided not to renew the publishing contract with publisher Level Up! Games as Nexon is not happy with the performance and results of the game in Brazil since its launch.

BrazilMS had been closing players at a fast rate as they had not received any updates for quite a while. Their last update, which added the 4th job advancement, reached them in December 2010. Before that update, their last update was in Summer 2010. So they have only gotten one update in a year.

BrazilMS was listed as the slowest updating and least updated service of the game in my “Fastest Updating” and “Most Updated” Rankings: Q2 2011.

BrazilMS is the second service of MapleStory to close, after VietnamMS closed in September 2010.

The closure of MapleStory does not mean the death of the partnership between Level Up! Games and Nexon. It was just a few months ago that the two companies partnered to take Combat Arms to Brazil, which is good.

Farewell BrazilMS.

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  1. BMS deserved to close down. The company sucked from what I just read. One update per year. Seriously, what the fk were they doing?

    • They only received one update per year in the 2010 (they received no updates in 2011). And from what I know it was the BrazilMS development team in Korea who decided not to add any more updates very often. I think that the funding from Nexon for the game was very low since BMS wasn’t successful.

  2. Arthur Salazar

    so what about all the people that wasted actual money on nexon???

    • Nothing. I think some sort of compensation was handed out to those who had recently spend NX, but of course not all the NX spent over the time that the game was open could be refunded/compensated for.

      It’s the natural process though and isn’t exclusive to Nexon. A game is launched, people spend money on it. Either from the beginning or over time it can no longer sustain itself and so the company running it shuts it down. I doubt Nexon had much of a choice if the game wasn’t generating the type of revenue to be profitable on top of sustaining itself by paying for its servers, marketing, etc.

      Nexon Europe was actually extremely generous with compensating customers after the closure of Mabinogi Europe. Almost all the NX spent by players in the game was refunded.

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