[MS] “Fastest Updating” and “Most Updated” Rankings: Q3 2011

It’s the final week of the final month of the quarter and that means it’s time for Msupdate’s “Fastest Updating” and “Most Updated” Rankings.

This project started in April when I compared the content of all the services, but specifically KoreaMS, GlobalMS, MapleSEA and EuropeMS, in Content Speed Comparisons: KMS, GMS, MSEA, EMS . The last rankings were “Fastest Updating” and “Most Updated” Rankings: Q2 2011 .

Due to its closure on October 31 and the lack of updates since December 2010, BrazilMS has been removed from the rankings.

To quite understand what I mean by “fastest updating” and “most updated”, why I feel that EuropeMS remains the fastest updating service and why additional, original and exclusive content cannot be counted in how fast a MapleStory service updates (*cough* JapanMS), please read Content Speed Comparisons: KMS, GMS, MSEA, EMS.

Fastest Updating

Current Rank Service Move Since April 2011
1 Europe MapleStory
2 Global MapleStory
3 MapleStory South East Asia +5
4* China MapleStory +1
4* Taiwan MapleStory +1
6 Korea MapleStory -2
7 Japan MapleStory -4
8 Thailand MapleStory -1

*China MapleStory and Taiwan MapleStory are tied. This is not a mistake.

There has been a pretty major shakeup in the Fastest Updating rankings with JapanMS falling 4 places and MapleSEA rising 5.


EuropeMS remains at the top of the list for the third successive ranking. EuropeMS is just four years and four months old and it is already gearing up for Chaos, which will likely arrive this Winter. Although EuropeMS may be behind most other services in amount of content, they do update quickly.

Ascension (Jump!) announcement already? Although I did predict that GlobalMS would get it before Winter, I’m a little surprised that we actually are. Currently GlobalMS is speeding towards Ascension in late September and I predict Legend for Winter.

I thought that MapleSEA would get Chaos this December, and therefore be ranked about where it was in the last rankings, 8th. But no! AsiaSoft has announced that MapleSEA will receive Chaos started on October 19 and lasting into November. Those two months of Chaos earlier than expected has made a huge difference and now has MapleSEA ranked 3rd.

ChinaMS and TaiwanMS continue to get content at the same time! It’s not even them only get main storyline content at the same time, but also additional content. Their latest updates on the same day both brought the Silent Crusade. TaiwanMS did get some additional content that ChinaMS didn’t but, of course, additional content is not counted towards ranking. They haven’t really improved since the last rankings, but their ranking moves up one because of the bad performance of KoreaMS, JapanMS and ThaiMS.

KoreaMS was ranked 4th in the last rankings due to the quickness of the move from Jump! into Legend. The situation isn’t the same now causing them to drop in their ranking. They did receive the Mu Lung Dojo and Monster Carnival revamps, which I count as storyline content, so KoreaMS is ranked 6th for now.

After Renaissance ended on August 10 JapanMS has received nothing in the category of storyline content and so its ranking has fallen by four. They also lack PvP and Ultimate Explorers, but that fact more influences the Most Updated rankings. This could just be a temporary fall for the Japanese service though.

ThaiMS has really disappointed me recently. After receiving Mechanics on July 27 they have received nothing else. Not to mention the very long time between each of its Big Bang updates, even though they got to the first Big Bang update rather quickly. They were really doing well, but have fallen back again. They move down one place, and with BrazilMS gone, they are now at the bottom of the list.

Most Updated

Current Rank Service Move Since April 2011
1 Korea MapleStory
2 Global MapleStory
3* China MapleStory
3* Taiwan MapleStory
5 Japan MapleStory
6 MapleStory South East Asia +1
7* Thailand MapleStory -1
7* Europe MapleStory +1

*China MapleStory and Taiwan MapleStory are tied. Thai MapleStory and Europe MapleStory are tied. These are not mistakes.


It’s obvious why KoreaMS sits on top of the list.

GlobalMS is certainty in a completely different position to where it was three years ago. Global continue to be the #1 updated service except for Korea with Ascension coming on September 28 and Legend data going in.

ChinaMS and TaiwanMS are tied… again… They both have completed their Chaos updates and are now looking towards Jump!.

JapanMS has also completed its Chaos updates but still lacks the Ultimate Explorers and PvP, setting it behind ChinaMS and TaiwanMS.

Though updating quite quickly right now, MapleSEA is still a ways behind where the amount of content in concerned. But maybe not for long, as the Chaos updates have been confirmed for this October and November. Depending on how quickly they can patch in content when they get to the other side of Chaos, we may see them rising the ranks before the end of the year!

It’s not ChinaMS and TaiwanMS who can be tied. ThaiMS and a fast updating EuropeMS are tied also! Both have recently completed their Big Bang updates and are awaiting Chaos announcements.

It’s amazing how close all the services are right now compared to three, even two years ago. Remember my content table for KMS, GMS, MSEA and EMS from April? (Click on the thumbnail for the full picture)

I’ll be making a new one with more recent content that I will release at the end of the year.


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