[CABR] Combat Arms Celebrates Its 1st Anniversary in Brazil

Brazil MapleStory’s closure is approaching fast, but Nexon gaming in Brazil goes on as Combat Arms, the successful first-person shooter, celebrates its first anniversary of service in Brazil.

Level Up! Interactive, the publisher of Combat Arms and MapleStory in Brazil will celebrate one year of ‘Online FPS Action’ with the launch of CABR exclusive content and lots of other content. Check out the details here.

The latest Combat Arms global user statistic report in late April had the game at 10 million players worldwide, including 5 million in North America. At that time Combat Arms Europe had 3 million players. Nexon Europe has more recently announced that the European service has surpassed 4 million players just earlier in September.

Level Up! Interactive is the premier free online game publisher in Brazil with an impressive portfolio of titles including MapleStory, Combat Arms, RuneScape, Allods Online, Perfect World, Grand Chase, Ragnarok Online, Lunia Z and RF Online.

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  1. So .. In Brazil, they prefer to kill each other rather than snails ….
    Either they value snails so much and act like snails are gods, or they just don’t like eachother and can’t wait ot kil the neightbour

  2. msupdate :
    Probably though. Same situation in Europe apparently.

    That’s why I play on the GMS server. Apparently, you Americans prefer to kill snails above shooting people with guns. The irony, you all (most of you, I asume Brad doesn’t has one :p) posses a gun, but you prefer to kill snails. And countries where people don’t have a gun, people prefer to kill other people with guns instead of killing snails ..
    Can you still follow what I’m saying ? ;P

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