[SANA] Sudden Attack Transition Coverage

Update (Nov. 16, 4:16PM): Nexon America has announced Rev 2.0, the biggest update in the game’s history! It includes the achievement system, the new map ‘Prison’, the boot camp, missions and cash shop updates. Check out http://suddenattack.nexon.net/news/update/00DGN/sudden-attack-rev-2-0?page=1 for more information on this.

Update (Nov. 16, 4:12PM Pacific): The official Sudden Attack website has been launched! Check out http://suddenattack.nexon.net/.

Update (Nov. 16, 3:13PM Pacific) from Sudden Attack Facebook page: Sudden Attack will be launching shortly. Please stay tuned for the official launch announcement.

Keep posted for details on the transition of the global service of one of the world’s biggest online shooters, Sudden Attack North America, from Gamehi to Nexon America. Sudden Attack is the most popular first-person shooter in South Korea and the game has also proved its potential in the West. Nexon has made the right decision as it looks to expand its first-person shooter lineup.

Sudden Attack was expected to go live at 10:00AM Pacific (1:00PM Eastern) but is late, as is expected by Nexon.

Website Preview

click for clearer image

Keep posted to the Sudden Attack Facebook page and right here for information as it comes available.


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