[NXNA] Nexon America Taking Over Sudden Attack Soon?

Thanks to maplefreak26, I am now aware of a huge hint that Nexon America will be taking over the global service of successful free-to-play first-person shooter Sudden Attack, developed and currently published by Nexon subsidiary Gamehi.

This was found by viewing the source of forum2.nexon.net, before the redirection to the Dragon Nest forums.


It also shows the future URLs for when the rest of Nexon games convert over to the new forums, similar to those for Atlantica and Dragon Nest.

Sudden Attack is the most popular first-person shooter in South Korea, where it was launched all the way back in 2004. It was originally published in Korea by CJ E&M on their Netmarble portal, but has since been taken over by Nexon. Sudden Attack is also published in Japan (Nexon), China (Shanda), South-East Asia (AsiaSoft), Brazil (Level Up! Games) and has a global service (currently Gamehi). Apart from its global service, it has the same publishers in its service regions as MapleStory, at least until a Nexon takeover becomes reality.

Sudden Attack is developed by Gamehi which was acquired by Nexon in May 2010. Nexon began major restructuring of Gamehi after the latter reported disappointing financial results for the first half of 2010. Gamehi received an awesome new logo that’s similar in many ways to the Nexon logo in April 2011.

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