[GMS] Server Upgrades

Nexon will be performing an extended server maintenance for approximately 12 hours to upgrade MapleStory game servers. MapleStory has been live for over 6 years and during those years they have made tons of updates including our milestone v1.0 update that we celebrated not too long ago.

This maintenance is a massive upgrade to ensure that MapleStory can run strong for the next many years. During the downtime, many teams will be hands-on, including the Maple team, IT and software engineers, as well as our developers from abroad. On the day of the server upgrade they will be on the forums running events and hanging out in Sleepywood.net’s IRC channel if you’re in the mood to chat. Please find Sleepywood.net’s policies and instructions here.

4:00 PM Tuesday, September 20, 2011 – 4:00 AM Wednesday, September 21, 2011

7:00 PM Tuesday, September 20, 2011 – 7:00 AM Wednesday, September 21, 2011

* All game servers will be unavailable.

-Changes and Updates-
* Server upgrade to maintain and improve stability and performance
* No new content updates at this time

Hang tight, Maplers, and thank you for playing MapleStory!


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  1. Changes and Updates
    – No new content update this time

    What ever, DON’T PUT IT IN THE changes and update section !!
    It’s like having a Subway, that has a special menu for Italian pasta that will say : No Italian food.

    Don’t make a seprate “menu” only to tell us there wont be a update. We don’t see any new things in the Changes and Update, so it’s obvious there aren’t any -_-

    Just a little rant of mine…
    But why sleepywood. .. .. Why not their own servers. Sad that I will be at my mom’s wedding then.. I WOULD HAVE LOVED to keep asking them about the pirate vs ninja patch…… till they just HAVE to answer me because that is the only question left for them to answer 😉

    • Well the mentioned the server upgrades in the Changes and Updates section and I guess they just wanted to alert the players that there would be no content added during this update. Nothing wrong there IMO. Grats to your mom, I assume she’s the one getting married by the way you phrased it.

      • Yeah she is getting married TODAY… from 1pm – 1 am ugh
        That will be like … 4 AM wednessday – 4 pm wednessday for you.
        Oooh well, gotta make the best of it

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