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[DN] [VINEU] Dragon Nest Officially Launched By Nexon America + Vindictus Europe Open Beta Begins!

Dragon Nest Officially Launched

The North American service of the fast paced action dungeon crawling MMORPG Dragon Nest has been officially launched.

With this launch comes some fun new events and lots of new content including the highly anticipated region of Saint’s Haven.

Event: Cache and Carry

Date: September 28October 2, 2011 Pacific

Details: With new dungeons to conquer, you’re about to have your hands full with a lot of new loot! To help you carry all that stuff, any characters created during this event period will receive 10 bonus inventory slots absolutely free!

Note: Inventory slots will be awarded during the October 5 maintenance.

Event: Buried Treasure

Date: October 2, 2011, 12:01 AM – 11:59 PM Pacific

Details: Make sure you don’t lose out when you try to use your new treasure with the fifteen free 7-day Item Protection Jellies. Craft, enhance, and get some of those elusive item achievements without worrying about breaking your precious goodies!

Note: Item Protection Jellies will be awarded during the October 5 maintenance.

Event: Power Play Weekend

Date: October 1 – 2, 2011

Details: Hit ‘em hard and hit ‘em fast in the first weekend of Dragon Nest’s official “live” service! Just log in with any character and get 300 extra PWR points to use in new dungeons, in PvP or anywhere in Altera to score extra EXP and loot!

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