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[MSU] The Msupdate Report

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? I think it does…

I have decided to post this for two reasons:

  1. To keep my active visitors up-to-date on what I’m working on that I’m ready to reveal.
  2. Because I know that if I blog that I’m going to do something I better do it unless I have a really good excuse. Otherwise, some people will have my head.

The current format of lots and lots of posts with individual posts for every topic while I’m blogging about everything that has to do with Nexon that is at all relevant to Western gamers is getting old. So I’m pulling a Nexon and…


From now on, once several new developments that have something in common pop-up around the same time they’ll be reported in a single blog post. I first tried this out in [VINEU] [MSA] [CA] Vindictus Europe CBT Begins + MapleStory Adventures 1.10 + Combat Arms Fusion StageĀ 2. All three of those games are published by Nexon (America & Europe) so they have something in common that people want to read about. So you will likely not see posts about MapleStory and WonderKing in the same post, unless it’s a post about 2D side-scrolling MMOs. Or Atlantica and League of Legends, unless it’s about different types of strategy games.



A new tradition of the Msupdate blog is breaks from posts on Saturdays, as you can see from this month. My work week is so hectic these days that I am too lazy to do any thing that requires thought on Saturdays. Do not worry though! If something that requires immediate posting comes up on a Saturday I will be posting it.


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