[Klei] Sugar Rush Canceled

Unfortunately, Klei Entertainment has announced that the development of the 2D side-scrolling brawling MMO Sugar Rush has been canceled. The game was developed by Klei Entertainment as was being being published by Nexon America and produced by Humanature Studio before the closure of Humanature in early 2009 with the loss of nearly 90 jobs. It was just earlier this year that Klei said that Sugar Rush “would see the light of day” and that they “remained committed to the title”.

Klei officially took “Nexon America” and “Humanature” off of their Sugar Rush game website and released the following statement:

Sugar Rush was built to be a Free-to-Play online arena combat game. Play with or against your friends and battle it out in a devious and light-hearted world.

Sugar Rush showcased a stunning 2D visual look that sets a new standard for Free-to-Play games, and features the artwork of Jeffrey Agala, the long standing director of Atomic Betty and other TV cartoons. Designed with Klei’s quirky sense of design and polish, the game also featured a complete character customization engine.

The game is now out of print, but is remembered fondly by the staff of Klei.

The announcement comes just a day after Klei Entertainment released Shank for the PlayStation and the day that the game was released for Xbox LIVE. An announcement for Shank on the PC has also been made.

R.I.P. Sugar Rush Development & Closed Beta 2007-2010


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  1. woah this looked cool … like a tv cartoon xD
    so this wil never be made …. like in NEVER

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