[GMS] Pink Bean Down

Congrats GMS Windia on GMS’s first successful pink bean run. I think Windia wanted and worked harder for the success than any other world and Windia deserves it. That’s two in a row for Windia: Chaos Horntail and Pink Bean. Certain other servers (Scania and Broa) need to work harder at the next major boss release.

Great screenshots and discussion here and here.


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  1. wow…. 10 minutes left? no delay hacks anyone?

  2. this proves GMS is better than KMS , we killed PB in 2 months ( maybe im not sure maybe 1 year hope u can clear this up msupdate) after KMS killed it , and we got PB way later than KMS , so we killed it sooner since release … i think …..
    im prood to be a GMS’er , im sad to not have a char above lvl 90 so that i could join them … and have a char at windia

    • You’re right. KMS defeated Pink Bean nearly exactly two years after it was released there. We defeated it just a month after they did after just a year and a month. But remember GMS has things that KMS doesn’t like many major buffing pots so I’m not surprised how quickly we could defeat it.

      • yeah your right about that , and what is the 1st gen players you talk about to kobekun ….. do ya mean players from the begining / long time


  4. lool it does not mean gms is better then kms kms doesnt have apples or sort of things like that and remember they dont have atk belts and face stompers scgs hammers and that crap

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