[NT] [PC] Project NT Officially Named Peria Chronicles


Project NT has finally been given an official title: Peria Chronicles. The game will be heading to G-Star 2013 through Nexon along with Dota 2 and Legion of Heroes. It is a highly innovative MMORPG developed by THINGSOFT which has been signed off by Nexon for service in South Korea, Japan, North America and Europe. The Korean website can be viewed at http://peria.nexon.com/main/intro.aspx . For more information on this new concept MMO check out the following links:

[NX] Nexon Taking Project NT, Dota 2, Legion of Heroes to G-Star 2013; Mabinogi 2 and MapleStory 2 Missing

[NX] [NT] [TS] Nexon To Publish ProjectNT in North America, Europe, South Korea and Japan

[NT] Some Features Of ProjectNT

[NT] Project NT Debut Trailer


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  1. I’m reallyyyyyyy looking forward to this game. Innovative gameplay, snazzy website, and it’s been slated for NA (sweeet). I really do wonder how much it will compare to others, and hopefully it goes to another company besides Nexon…….well……Nexon is doing really good right now imo. Though I just hope it doesnt become one of the Nexon games no one cares about anymore, like Mabinogi or Combat arms.

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