[TwMS 1.43] [CMS 1.00] Advance of the Union

I’m a little late on this. I honestly wasn’t expecting it so I wasn’t looking out for it. But Taiwan MapleStory and China MapleStory have received their first Advance of the Union update on February 29, 2012. This despite the fact that they do not yet have the Arkarium boss.

Check out the campaign sites at http://tw.beanfun.com/maplestory/ (Tw) and http://act.mxd.sdo.com/project/v100/ (C).

Both of these services ended their Legends updates on February 1. Interesting how quickly they’ve moved from Legends into Union.

Meanwhile, ThailandMS which received Big Bang in March 2011 and the Mechanic update soon after has yet to receive any more content updates.


Posted on March 4, 2012, in China MapleStory, International MapleStory, Taiwan MapleStory, Update. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. THMS is kind of dead now.

  2. Thailand MS is already dead… I think most of the staff there is already gone, if not, then why would this lack of content be there. I think all they are doing now is have some people patroll the game to ban hackers and stuff.

    I was gonna place some stupid off topic comment about how happy I was for not needing to do a course for my other Math (Math B) that I supposedly needed for my Game Design study, but then I took an arr— … but then I realised howmany times I make off topic posts and how they add nothing to your blog xD

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