[TwMS] Tempest

Taiwan MapleStory has recently been going through its Tempest updates! Just last week on January 16 our Taiwanese friends saw the arrival of the Kaiser class. One week later on this Wednesday, January 23, the Luminous class will arrive and two weeks after that will see the arrival of the Angelic Buster class on February 6. Similar events to which were seen in other services of the game with have gone through or are going through the Tempest series of updates are being implemented in TaiwanMS.

The campaign site can be seen at http://tw.beanfun.com/maplestory/.

TwMS Kaiser

This means that MapleStory South East Asia is now the only service of the game not to have any part of the Tempest update.



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  1. Lol at “Beanfun” xD

  2. Im very sad that MSEA now officially the slowpoke of maplestory .
    I play GMS much better but MSEA … known as HELL MODE of maple. If you can afford lv140 weapons in mesos in other maple , dont ever dream in MSEA . LV 140 weapons always sold in MYR or SGD or @cash . Hacker and botter issue not solved … and Asiasoft services getting worst …

    Just hope that Nexon take back the publishing rights from Asiasoft then manage the MSEA directly…

    • It’s sad to hear MapleSEA players having experiences like these. I’m hearing them more and more and am sorry for what you have to go through. Makes me know just how good we have in GlobalMS and trust me, things are far from perfect here. All I can say is that I hope that things improve as quickly as possible.

  3. Other maplestory got tempest, MSEA still in Dual Blade + Hilla . Next month will be Mikfail job.

    If Tempest patch coming to MSEA , what I can expect to be nerfed :

    Event coin shop :
    1) chairs (will not be available , same issue as Justice patch , we dont have pink bean chair)
    2) clean slates (same as 1)
    3) angelic blessing recipe (same as 1)
    4) heliseum equips (might be possible)
    5) bypass keys (might be possible)
    6) tempest coin quest (gale gourd quest might be once per day)
    7) hot time rewards (all good rewards will be changed to lousy cash item)

    … and MOAR cash events .

    Nerfs everywhere. Bosses Drop rate nerfed even more. More glitches. More copy-pasted content. FYI , MSEA now have EMS conttent (Veracent and vampire castle).

    and last year for special job class for MSEA, I expect the legendary dagger warrior or martial art master (Silat Master job , based to Malaysian / SIngaporean history) but Asiasoft had taken the China MS job aka Dragon Warrior (named as zen in MSEA)

    based from these i mentioned, Asiasoft really do not have effort to provide us the unique content (not to mention the lame Enchanted Forest with lame quest and rewards) of MSEA as MSEA players . It’s a shame that Asiasoft only know copy-paste content from other maple.
    They failed their last year’s resolutions .

    -end rant.jpg-

    • It has always disappointed me how bad recently MSEA exclusive content has been considering how amazing Singapore and Malaysia world tour areas are. If the gale gourd quest is turned into once per day, I admit that I’d laugh. But after laughing I’d feel really bad for MSEA players. That would seriously suck. To be quite honest I haven’t been on the AsiaSoft forums in a while and should start going on more often again to keep up with MSEA news and feedback.

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