[TwMS] Sengoku Era: Kanna, Hayato

Gamania revently opened the teaser site for the upcoming Taiwan MapleStory Sengoku Era updates, revealing that the Kanna class will be released on April 3 while Hayato will follow on April 17. This will make the Taiwanese service of the game the second service  outside of the original Japan to receive these classes. More details will be revealed soon.

The update’s teaser page can be accessed at http://tw.patch.beanfun.com/pubad/Maplestory/20130320_sengoku/index.html.


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  1. I dont like Kanna.

    Before: “R>LUMI/HSER”

    Now: “R>KANNA/HSER”

  2. Meanwhile in MSEA…


    confirmed after lame event patch… TEMPEST PATCH coming.

    • This is like the third time MapleSEA has pulled this. They spend many most releasing very little concrete content and then release all of the content that they missed all at once. That doesn’t make much sense considering players have to wait so long for the content. They did it with Episode 2, Episode 3 and now Season 2.

      • Darn. Playpark magazine for april got removed and showed error 404. Means it’s a prank from Asiasoft. Darn.

        • If it really was a prank then it’s a really sick one. This is content that they should be delivering and they aren’t and they’re pranking around with it?

        • WOW, that is REALLY cruel of them to do that, and actualy really unproffesional. They are supposed to give you that stuff like….. 6 months ago already… and then they decide to say “OMG WE ARE FINALY GIVING THIS TO YOU….. AHAHAHAHA JUST KIDDING!”.

          It’s like going to a restaurant when you are super hungry and haven’t had dinner in 3 days. You get to a table, you order your food…. They bring the food to your table and just when you want to take a bite, they take the food away from you and tell you that you can’t have it yet. You are only allowed to have your food if you sit there, waiting in your chair, staring at your food till they tell you you can eat it, not knowing WHEN they will tell you you are allowed to eat.
          I seriously wish there was a way to sue them for this…. it pisses me off. It is like a HUGE middle finger to their audience.

          • At one point of time Asiasoft need to release Tempest within this month because they already mentioned about the update in PlayPark e-magazine for this month. Not to mention MSEA now getting dead, especially Artemis gateway, but darn, that game will not get closed for now.

            … And Asiasoft apparently monopolize popular or infamous MMO market in SEA region….

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