[CMS 1.02] The Visitors

I have a terrible headache right now so bear with me.

In their v102 update ChinaMS receives the Visitors event incorporated into the alien invaded New Leaf City. Also included in the update will be the nebulite system and several other events.


Off to bed now.


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  1. Get well soon! =)
    Also, Hime responded to me on twitter about me working @Nexon during the summer…. She said there were internships on the career page and that I should look into them….

    Maybe it was smart if I told her I live in europe and all that stuff -,-

    • Yes, Nexon has internships. But they tend not to come up very often with only a few coming around the holidays. But you can keep an eye out. Of course you living in Europe would be a problem but whatever -F3-.

      • haha, go get some rest ma—- wait I get it. You aren’t sick at all, you just act sick so you don’t have to go to work and play Maplestory with the new (crappy) anniversary update!!! Hahaaaaah I got you!

        So, what is a internship exactly…. is it just when you already have a study thingy related to it, you can have a internship at Nexon during your school time to get some real life experience there?
        I wanna do it just now .. .and in the summer … and for free :p

        • Most internships are taken for people currently studying and wanting the experience as you said. Sometimes the hiring company requires you to be studying the field and stuff but in some cases they’ll take you once you’re interested in the field. Lots of times well performing interns get offered a permanent position. Some internships are unpaid, some are paid.

          • So in theory, if I would take a internship at Nexon this summer (they would take me), and I do super duper well, they can offer me a position in the company without me ever having to study for it? Then I don’t even need to study :p The only problem is money for a house in the US… lollllll But if that happens, I will take a shit in my hand, rub it in my face, and film it.

            • Well theoretically I guess. But what I meant was that while you’re studying, probably in a decently advanced stage of the study, and you’re doing an internsip then that’s when they’re likely to offer you a job.

              • yeah I know :p.. I am sooo lazy right now.
                I still have to create my portofolio for my Game Design study…. but I am to lazy to even start writing the content report for CtF revamp that I will send to you once it is ready … or tostart modding some games … and I have to finish the portofolio AND a self made prototype of a boardgame, before the 4th of June -,-

                How are you feeling today Zach ? Better?

                • Ahh the boardgame thing should be fun. Dutch colleges seem tough. I didn’t have to do all of this.

                  I’m feeling a little better :).

              • Hey Robbin! Hey Zach! Finally back from vacation. 😀

                Hope you get better soon Zach, your updates are still top-notch!

                Robbin… Victory!

                • Thanks. I just have this headache since Wednesday morning and it won’t go away… I’m getting kinda worried.

                • WElcome back, I didn’t know you were going on a vacation, where did you go to?
                  Stupid GMS Mapleversary is going on right now since the 10th of May .. and it’s kind of lame, not THAT much to do -,-.
                  Yeah … Victory, Zach still has a headache from handing me the power to his blog. I haven’t changed anything yet, because I feel bad for Zach being ill right now :p

                  Also to Zach (srry for doing this in your comment Joey 🙂 ) the board gmae I will be making will be based of Chess. I will use a checkerboard and the figures from a Chess board. Only thing that will change is that besides every figure having a special move patern, they all have attack ranges. For Example, one figure can move 2 tiles, do 3 hearts of damage but only has a 1 tile range. The concept stays the same, you still have to protect your king, but the gameplay should be really different than that of Chess, because you have many different kinds of figures, like a Guard that has 10 health, can’t attack but reflects back 1 heart damage. I think the idea is kind of fun. If you haven’t noticed yet, each figure will have a amount of hearts, so it won’t be like normal Chess where everything dies in 1 hit :p

                • Oh yeah I’m sure Robbin will start posting as soon as I’m feeling better.

                  That’s cool Robbin. Good idea. The only problem is that a lot of people probably edited chess in their games, but whatever.

                • Well, the thing is, I have no Fing clue what else I should “create”.. I mean, I have to make it working, because it stated in the assignment “It needs to be playable and easy to understand, with a instruction manual of MAX 1 page”, and looking at how even BIG video games base their idea of other idea, I was like.. .Why not, why not use the chess idea, and then modify it.. That is how most games got created, by modifying something existend to your own taste. I think the game will bring a whole different level of thinking than Chess. The only thing it shares with Chess is the checkboard, and maybe a little bit of the movement patern. To be honest, this wasn’t actualy my idea. A couple years ago, like 6 years ago, I had this friend (we lost contact now 😦 ) and he came up with this exact concept using Dragon Ball Z characters and chess board. So now I use it and change it a bit xD
                  Sure the figures on the board will be that of normal Chess, but what do they expect, it is not like I can go and craft my own figures, it’s not worth the effort, because it is only for a school assignment. Why would I want to waste Hundreds of euro’s on getting a company to make me my own figure things ….

                  Also, what did you mean with the “breaks neck” part. Did you want to break my neck, or did you neck broke out of amazement?
                  Lol this assignemnt i have to do is really rare over here. It is only if you go to a really good quality school. On the media school I am on now, we didn’t have to do this, but it is still a good school. The thing is, A LOT OF PEOPLE, really a lot, want to get in the gaming industry, so the school just has to take out the weak ones, and deliver the best students to the industry :p

                • Nah I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the idea. I’m just saying that I can imagine that a lot of people who modify chess in their game creation. The idea is really great.

                  I was breaking my own neck in amazement.

                • Amazement of what … of hte stuff I need to do for my school?
                  I have to create a portofolio with all my work (I still have nothing lol xD I plan on modding 2 W@W zombie maps, use a Dungeon Defenders mod my lil bro made and the content report for CtF revamp).
                  I also have to fill in a personal quesitonair so they get to know me better AND I have to make a motivation letter.
                  ANd if that wasn’t enough, I need to create my own game, prototype it, and make a manual for it so the judges know what it is about.

                  It will be a combination of Chess and Dungeon Dice Monsters (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aGUItti9jw)
                  I think it will be cool. I will have a limit for howmany figures your can have on the field (e.g. max of 20 points of the stuff you control, and like, a really strong one is worth 5 points, and a weak one is like 1 point.. .so you have to balance what kind of figures you want to have on the field), and you have a backup team that gets a max of like 8 points… so when one of your figures die, or you want to switch them out because they don’t have much health left, you can use the one in your back up team, as long as you don’t exceed your point limit. I think it will be fun and “original” because you can play it everywhere you want, on a train, or at school during a lunchbreak … The only thing I need to do to make this really epic is get a company to make special figures to create some mystery around this game and make it look real :p if you know what I mean…. But that won’t happen since I this is just a assignement. But it creates a whole different playing style than normal chess, because you have to think of your characters health, what kind of figures the enemy has, and how you are going to protect your King. Also, if this was real, we could create “expansion packs” much like Pokemon trading cards, Yu-Gi-Oh Trading cards, or any other thing for that matter (like Spyro Skylands or whatever it’s called), and have kind of “boost packs” being sold in stores with new kind of figures to improve your team, other than the characters we give you when you buy the game … lol I am already thinking this through like it is a real game loll xD It’s fun to do :p

                • Mmm. Well good luck with that. And remember if you need any help I’m here. Your idea is really good.

              • well the thing is, normaly this isn’t really needed, but this is like, the best school in the country… This was the first (or one of the first) schools to do Game Designing, or a game related study. Then after that, game educations popped up everywhere. But these educations are all bad quality educations that don’t teach you anything. If you have a bda grade, they give you as much chances as possible to retry, just so you finish school and they get money. However, the school I am going to isn’t like that, because they were one of the first and stuff, they have a good quality, but because they get so many people each year that want to participate (only 1 out of 10 get’s allowed), they hvae to pick out only the people that really want this, by making a portofolio assignment that is tough as hell :p

                I am glad to read that you are getting better =D

                • -Breaks neck- I guess things are a little different there than there (and Jamaica). In the US and Jamaica yeah there are the best universities and the worst colleges and there is a huge gap between the best and the worst but the huge majority of them offer a good quality of education. Once you have the past qualifications to get in to the course you want (from high school and your SAT score) then they’ll likely accept you. Of course if a class is oversubscribed with people who can get in to the university they can only accept the best into the study. They might offer those who can get into the school but not the course a place in another related course. You know, communicate when them to find an answer.

                • That idea is amazing!~ 😉 I’d also like to help, if there’s anything I can do. Then maybe at the end of the day, we could have a tournament with Maplefreak vs Me. :3 Robbin vs Zach, and winner advances to the final or something. 😀

                  Ranking of idea: SSS

                • Your idea does sound realy cool. GL with it

              • You really think my idea is good? Thanks, I really needed that morale support,m knowing that someone else in the industry thinks my idea is good. I wasn’t sure, beause I thought it was some kind of rip off of Chess, and we get judged on our originality :p
                Thanks Zach =D

  2. Thanks everyone (Neilz, Zach and Joey) I really RAELLY appriciate it (and need it lol :p ).

    I am afraid there isn’t much you can do for me Joey, because all I need to do is make a board game. I will use normal chess figure things. I mean, it would be great if you COULD help, and I would love to recieve your help.. but I don’t know how. Also, the deadline is around June 4th …. :s

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