[CMST 0.71] Root Abyss

China MapleStory’s test server has received the new region Root Abyss which is slated to enter the Korea MapleStory test server soon.

cmst 071_sleepywood_regionmap

The entrance to Root Abyss is the large hallow tree trunk in the Sleepywood town area in the top left of the regional map above. The trunk is accessible via a path leading from the path to the entrance of Ant Tunnel.

cmst 071_root abyss_regionalmap

Welcome to Root Abyss. You’re awakened by Alice, the Transcendence of Life, who has resided in Root Abyss since after the battle with the Black Mage. Each of the four bosses in the area have their own individual portal, as seen below with Alice in the middle.

cmst 071_root abyss_gates

The four bosses are pretty creepy by Maple standards. Quite refreshing I’d say. Love the chicken. Haven’t gotten information on any names for these bosses just yet.

cmst 071_chicken_gif

cmst 071_queen_gif

cmst 071_clown_gif

cmst 071_boss_pic

Root Abyss, as well as the Luminous class and more is coming to China MapleStory soon.

Thanks to Spadow of Southperry for images and my brother Orange for getting me excited.

And because I know it will come up with the mention of Southperry: my Southperry identity will remain a secret except to those who already know it (obviously).


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  1. Max us your brother??? :O

    • No, not that Orange :P. My family (well some of it) has always called my brother Orange. It’s kinda funny when I’m talking about him and people think I’m talking about Max.

      • I remember reading on the forums that Hime said that the Maplestory devs do like parody’s from time to time. Now, after I look at the bosses (chicken and the weird maid) and at the bottom left of the Root Abyss map where you see this huge table with the kettle on top of it… it makes me for almost 90% positive that they were inspired by Alice in Wonderland… also not that the world tree is called Alice… Always hated Alice in Wonderland .. ugh -,-

        • I don’t know jack about Alice in Wonderland. All I know it that that chicken is awesome.

          • WHAT, you dont know about ALice in wonderland?
            It is this dark fairy tale.. with dark humor but it is still told to kids. It is about this girl names Alice who falls into a hollow tree stump. She then meets the Cheshire Cat, the Mat Hatter and many more weird dark (Johny Depp-ish) characters… You should watch the movie they made about it a couple years ago… creepy..
            Also now that I think about it, in Maple you go UNDER sleepywood through a tree… when in Alice in Wonderland, Alice falls into a tree and enters a magical world

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