[EYE] Unreal Engine 3 Licensed For 3rd Game

Eyedentity Games, the developer of Dragon Nest and Dungeon Striker, has licensed the Unreal Engine 3 for their third title, confirmed to be in development in April. Despite the blowout success that Dragon Nest is worldwide and the high quality of both Dragon Nest and Dungeon Striker, Eyedentity has said that this new game will be their best title yet. That has me realllllllllly excited to see what this turns out to be.

The three lead developers at Eyedentity for this game are all from Nexon and previously worked on games such as Vindictus and Mabinogi. Eyedentity is currently in the process of acquiring new employees for the project.

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  1. Hey Eyedentity, hire me … jk lol :p

    But uhm… I feel sad. I just talked to someone that does the same study as I want to do (the game design one) he is in his 2nd year, and he told me that it is really hard. You get a lot of homework and 50% of the people don’t make it to the 2nd year. However, it is a lot of fun he told me. He also said that the protofolio and stuff I have to make must be really good. You can’t get in with only some modding and a content report. They really prefer seeing art and drawings and stuff above anything else, but it will certainly help. He said that 3D would be really good if I have some, but I said that I sucked at drawing 3D and never did it before….
    But then I told him that I was going to make drawings in my content report about the CtF revamp, like what the mobs will look like and the Towers, and the map layout… and he said I should try Photoshop …. :p

    And god dang it, I have to create my own “chest”” board for my boardgame…. He kind of gave me the feeling that it would be better if I did that and not just buy a regular chess board and figures and stuff…. CRAP! xD
    Now I need to design my own cool looking playing board and some figures, print it, and make it real… FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

    • Forgetting my birthday Robbin -F3-.

      Sheesh. If you need consultation on anything I’m here for you.

      • FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK sorry man. OMG THIS IS SO UNFAIR. I remembered your b-day, but I forgot to tell you. Sorry man. Happy 25th b-day =D
        I hope you had a awesome day, and that you didn’t have to change Brad’s daipers for once. So, what did you pick, cake or pie?

        • Cake :). And thanks :D. Jeez I’m getting old…

          • No you’re not. Let’s say you will get 80 years old… you have just lived ONLY one quarter of your life, and you have done so much… studied, got a a good job, a nice girl, and a daiper filler :p

            If you did all that in 1/4th of your life, imagine al the stuff that you still can do, and howmuch time you still have left!!!

            • Aww. Thanks Robbin :). You’re pretty awesome too.

              • No problem at all….
                Now where is the log in information about your blog 😑

              • Orange, could you please ask why Nexon America is removing the MTS. Saying “malicous activities” is a bit to broad. I mean, this has been going on since MTS first got released, so why do it now after all those years. Also, any idea if game designers are working on a new way of improving MTS, or if it is just getting completly removed like the Sidekick system, and that Nexon is just saying “maybe one day it will be back” to try to minimize the outrage the removal of MTS would cause?

                • The team isn’t going to come out and give details of the actions that bad guys do with these systems on their notices obviously. But especially with MTS I think we all know that it’s been abused and abused again at times in the past. It has caused huge blows to each servers’ economy and at the end the decision was made to just remove it. A similar situation with world transfers and name changes. Each system will be worked on to be improved or replaced. If it is worked on that doesn’t mean that it will be back soon. It could be a while. The Sidekick system is being worked on and should make its way back into the game unless plans change.

                  -Zach typing what Orange told me to type since he’s lazy

              • lol @ lazy Orange. So, was he at work while you were typing, because if he was at home he could tell it to you in person and you typ it…
                If he was at work, I wonder if anyone heard him talk about the Sidekick system and stuff, if he will come back home safely :p
                So are they seriously working on Sidekick improvements? Cool :p I always wondered this : If they take out a system and work on improving it, why does it have to take such a long time. Let’s say it takes devs 24 THINKING hours of comping up with a good working idea. Let’s say they have 1 hour a day to think about it, at work or spare time. That means in 1 month they should have a solid plan. Then all they need to do is let a engineer make it. This should take another month. So in 2 months Sidekick should be back since the moment it got taken out …. but that’s far from the truth …. so why is it taking so long.
                And will there be any other way of getting in game items with NX, because I recently got hacked, and I need a good way (in the future) to get in game items easily :p

                • Lol. He was at home.
                  Because most times what’s removed isn’t at the top of Nexon’s priorities. If other things are occupying the dev. team then it will be pushed back. Plus the returning content has to be fit into the update schedule. Unless the MTS returns sooner rather than later then you’re out of luck. The CTS (Cash Trading System) allows you to buy cash items with mesos but I’m not sure if that’ll come to GMS.

                • Joey, how did people get scammed in MTS, I don’t get it. If an item is 1000000 NX, it would never be sold because people can’t possibly have that much NX.

                  Zach/Orange, if they wanted to remove the MTS system , then why would they make a update for it. I mean, just some time ago REX earrings were added in the SEARCH option for MTS, and just a couple days ago with a maintenace they added a chair to be searchable in MTS. Why do that when they are planning on removing it..

                  Don’t we already have a Cash Item trade funtion?
                  It allows us to buy NX clothes from other people for messo… right? What server has CTS?

                • The MTS was abused to death and people got scammed. Not a bad thing It’s gone.

                  CTS is what I’m interested about. Cash items with Mesos? Nexon NA would never do that because It would decrease sales..

                  Or maybe if people buy cash items with Mesos they will be hungry for more then they buy them.

                  I’d like to see how the CTS does, if it comes. πŸ™‚

                • Theoretically cash sales shouldn’t change since the net number of cash items in the game won’t change even if cash items are traded with mesos. How exactly this will play out in-game if the CTS is released is hard to say.

                • @Robbin: Well, I’ve never had 1m+ so I never really had any use for it, so it doesn’t really affect me. But I understand that it could be a big punch in the face for players who like to use it.

  2. @Robbin: Well, I’m an animator.. I guess I could help in some things, but then you wouldn’t be learning. So if there’s something you know how to do, but it’s too time comsuming, I guess I could lend you a hand. And no, I’m not trying to sound like a pro. I want to take a course like you, and some early training wouldn’t be bad. Maplestory animating started me off, but I do tons of things. Even 3D modeling, well, just a bit. Anyway Good Luck!~

    @Topic: Wow! I never saw awesome gameplay of Dungeon striker like this! And I really hope that it’s 3rd game that’s supposedly amazing will be signed to Nexon! And we’re still impatiently awaiting for Dungeon Striker.. It’d be nice if Nexon signed it. Zach convinced me that there was a possibilty. Nexon runs their games well. Just false bans and Hacking are their problems. BIG Problems. :3 If they get that fixed then Nexon = Flawless.

    • Joey, you’re forgetting my birthday.

      Nexon doesn’t really run their games all that greatly. They’re an okay publisher. They run their games not so well but they’re so excellent at the non-actually gaming running aspects of publishing.

    • well all that you could possibly do I make a cool board for my game, or a better look for my mobs.. I will be showing the mobs for my CtF revamp in the content report, but I suck at drawing lol :p

      But then again, maybe that is cheating xD

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I Made it in time. :3 Thank gosh I checked this blog.

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