[NX] [NT] [TS] Nexon To Publish ProjectNT in North America, Europe, South Korea and Japan

Nexon has partnered with South Korean developer ThingSoft for the publising of upcoming project ProjectNT globally. Publishing agreements for North America, Europe, South Korea and Japan have been confirmed but agreements for other regions have not been ruled out.

ProjectNT is a new-concept 3D MMORPG that appeals to all audiences with its cartoonish 3D graphics created with cell animation and its engagement of users as the game unfolds. Lovers of strategic games will have the ability to create their own unique characters by mixing and matching skills from various classes without being confined to a single class, while gamers who seek more lighthearted play will enjoy the fantastical elements and battle scenes.

“Nexon is excited to partner with like-minded, innovative companies like ThingSoft, and we look forward to bringing ProjectNT to new regions and audiences,” said Min Seo, CEO of Nexon Korea Corporation.

“ProjectNT is built on a user-developed engine, offering players a graphic experience that matches the level of an animation movie. Nexon has been very successful in servicing a wide variety of games worldwide, and we look forward to driving positive synergies through this partnership,” said Jung Sang Won, CEO of ThingSoft.

ThingSoft was founded in 2010 by Jung Sang Won, a veteran developer who worked on the development of The Kingdom of the Winds (Nexus TK) and Legend of Darkness. ThingSoft played a part in the development of social network game WonderCruise.

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  1. So its publishing at the same time? I hope. Nexon NA could be able to be on par with Nexon KR. Thats the ideal thing.

    • Unlikely. They’ll probably see launched at different times. Probably Korea first with the others following. After all, the game likely isn’t going to require much (if any) localization for its Korean release.

      • Hopefully just months after then? and not years? :3

        I mean, I like this:

        “Lovers of strategic games will have the ability to create their own unique characters by mixing and matching skills from various classes without being confined to a single class”


        • Which Nexon game out now gets content years after the Korean service? None of them. They’ve all caught up to be either ahead (like in Combat Arms), only very slightly behind (like in Vindictus) or lagging maybe up to 6 months behind.

          A post on some of the features of ProjectNT coming up soon.

          • crap just realised… There might be a IP block for this for me since I live in europe, like with all other games.. I mean, I wanted to play a Nexon America game, but they tell me to go to the Nexon Europe and play it there… but fun fact, they don’t have Combat Arms in europe! 😡

            • Of course Nexon Europe publishes Combat Arms O_O. As a matter of fact I think Combat Arms Europe is Nexon Europe’s biggest game. And ProjectNT is being published in Europe also.

              Nexon America: MapleStory, Mabinogi, Combat Arms, Dungeon Fighter Online, Vindictus, Dragon Nest, Atlantica, Sudden Attack
              Nexon Europe: MapleStory, Combat Arms, Vindictus, Atlantica, WarRock, Dekaron (and Europeans can play Nexon America’s service of Mabinogi after the closure of Mabinogi Europe)

              • No it wasn’t Combat Arms, I meant DFO :p

                • Who cares about DFO? No one plays it anyway.

                  Have anything to say about this Joey (or DFO’s three hundred freaking million players globally)?

                • DFO IS FUN!

                  I think Nexon should put a post saying:

                  Hi! If you want to play MapleStory again, please get to Lvl 20 in DFO? Dont want to? okay, ALL YOUR CHARS DELETED!!

                  -Problem Solved-

                  Now people will know about this amazing game. =)

                • Anyway, getting to my counterarguement I’ve been puitting together.

                  “No one plays it”

                  Ask ppl in my guild, “Morphic”

                  “3 hundred freaking million”

                  1. Freaking should not be there.

                  2. Broke records in China.

                  3. If it wasnt popular, then why would Nexon dish out updates frequiently? They do it more than MapleStory, which they only fill with events.

                  -Continuing, I find that “They’re doing it to keep ppl attracted” is incorrect.

                  Poptag wasnt popular, Therefore, 1 update was ushered per 2-3 months. Eww. =(

                  4. 3mil is quite lots.

                  5. Let’s face it. Its doing better than DN, who had to merge all their servers. Idk about Vindictus. Its not doing so hot either from what I remember.. Whats more popular? East or West serv. Not many ppl on East, maybe they gather in West? Meh idk. Poptag’s west serv was full when east was empty. If its west > east, I’ll make my Vella on West. I have good connection. Its just the lag that kills me.

                  6. Nexon cant advertise for their life. God knows what would happen to their games if they did. They’d be Cashing in like Nexon KR.

                  7. Meh, I did this number cuz it was lucky #7.

                  That is all.

                • 1.. This ‘freaking’ is just there to help express how large the number is.

                  3. I was just teasing when I said no one played it.

                  5. DN isn’t doing badly. I think it’s just the nature of the game which somewhat demanded more community activity. Vindictus is doing well also. And West server is much more populated than East.

                  6. Nexon has found success on word-of-mouth and is very active in the industry. They get a good deal of attention.

              • 1. OHHH!!!! I thought you meant you were saying the number was small! xD Ah my mistake. =(

                3. Lol, ikno.

                5. True. DN NEEDS a party system like Vindictus. When I press “party” all I see is:

                “Char Name”‘s Party.

                Destination: -blank-

                Sucks. I’d like to actually KNOW WHERE THEY’RE GOING SO I CAN PARTY.

                6. True True.

  2. But I wanna play DFO and I can’t because on America they say “play europe.. but Europe doesnt have DFO !! 😡 Let Orange fix that!!!! or atlteast adress the issue!!!

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