[PC] Peria Chronicles Interview and Features Explained


Peria Chronicles is certainly turning out to be one of the biggest online gaming prospects in years. Awareness of the game has exploded in Korea and is gaining momentum in the rest of the world. Here is an interview which was held in Korea and translated by Steparu. This interview gives new details on the game including the game’s progression and sandbox design, user-created content and combat system.

Q: What is Peria Chronicles development status?

A: The game was supposed to be in Closed Beta this month, but it we added a lot of new features so it’s delayed next year.

Q: How much of the content is available for the game?

A: There are no fancy end game contents for Peria Chronicles like Siege Warfare because we want players to create their own content. The sandbox features of the game should keep everyone busy, especially the player made content.


Q: How big are the maps?

A: Each regions has their own maps and players can own the maps and they all link to each other.

Q: Is there limitation on map sizes?

A: There is a limitation on how large the maps players can own, but it won’t be too small to play around with.

Q: Does it take long for a player to make their own town or village?

A: It doesn’t take that long to create a landscape and buildings it’s very easy. The most challenging part a player might face is the process of creating a big town because they must gather 300-500 players in one area.


Q: If players can create and develop their own content, are there any rules or policies for it?

A: If someone created a quest, like “Save the Princess.” We will patch it in the game. A random adventurer can then accept that user created quest and earn gold from it. If they fail to complete the quest, the person that created the quest will earn gold from the user that purchased the quest. With this system, players don’t need to farm and grind monsters alone to progress. The amount of content is determined by the community.

Q: There are a lot of players that are looking forward on creating content at the same time there are a lot of trolls who want to destroy user created content, what measures are taken to prevent this from happening?

A: Destroying user created content is not easy compared to creating it. For example, if a player created a bridge. The players working in that area must vote for it to be taken down. We know there are a lot of weird and crazy players out there, perhaps they will gather together in one crazy town. They are most likely going to fall behind in progression, because the more residents you have in a town the bigger it comes.



Q: Will there be ways a player can create Adult rated hentai content?

A: I think it’s going to be really hard to make perverted content for this games theme (lol). Perhaps players can do so with the script system. Players can share adult rated content with friends, but if they want to share it publicly, it will have to pass through our system.


Q: What will happen to towns that don’t have players residing in them?

A: Eventually the town will gradually become smaller and smaller until it disappears from the map.

Q: Most MMORPG’s offer some kind of Main Story quests, does Peria Chronicle offer something similar?

A: MMORPG’s have main story, but after clearing through it they complain that they don’t have enough content. We have a mainstory, but we wanted to focus more on our system and user created content. To keep our community busy players can create their own storyline quests, emotes, dance motions, crafted items, recipes, and pretty much everything. An endless amount of community interaction to create a perfect sandbox experience.

Q: How much of the sandbox content does this game have to offer?

A: Other than what we discussed so far. We are planning on adding more sandbox features such as user created dungeons, defense maps, and MOBA maps such as DOTA or League of Legends. We are working hard and hoping to show off some of these new features in next year’s G-Star 2014.


Q: Are there any advantages for players to create things?

A: Peria Chronicle’s main goal is self satisfaction on creating game content and earn gold from making them. Players can enjoy creating content and have fun playing and exploring other players content. Perhaps if they are really good at making items and content, they can become very rich.

Q; Lately most MMORPG offer some kind of mobile features, will Peria Chronicles offer the same thing?

A: Kirana is a living creature, so if you don’t log in for a long time they will starve and be super hungry! We are hoping and creating a separate application for Peria Chronicles in the future such as a Pet Application and other secret stuff!


Q: You said there are going to be a set rules for towns and villages, what kind of rules are there?

A: For example, a player made “Save the Princess” quest with a set rules of “No Magic Allowed” during the quest. A town can then vote to remove that feature, make the quest easier or harder if they wish. The rules are set by the community in that town. So if you have a town full of thugs, they can set one of the rules to “Kill a player passing by town” then they can get gold for it, if it’s one of the rules in that town. (Troll Village!)

Q: Does this game offer any PvP features?

A: Our combat system is unique compared to other titles. MMORPG’s have a stat system for their character and equipment. In Peria Chronicles there are no job limitations and the combat is totally up to your Kirana combination. Certain Kiranas are stronger vs others, so players will have to be on their toes on what Kirana to summon for battle. Our combat system is between Hack n Slash and Card Battle.

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  1. This…amount…of…sandbox…is….overflowing…O_O


    Actually nvm Korea Sucks.

    But nonetheless, this looks really nice~

  2. Holy shit, those mouth animations are TERRIBLE!!! 2001 quality

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