[NF2] Don’t Hold Your Breath for Navy Field 2

Navy Field 2 logo

Of course nothing official has come out of Nexon America regarding the company’s service of Navy Field 2 in North America, but here’s my recommendation to those patiently awaiting open beta and official release: don’t hold your breath. I’m not at all saying that you should forget all about the game and that it certainly definitely without a doubt isn’t going to go any further in service (Nexon did say that time would be taken to iron out the multitude of bugs and glitches in the game before the next beta phase) but I am saying that’s what’s very likely.

Navy Field 2 failed in Japan and is now closed in that region and is struggling in Europe where I don’t expect it to last very long. Navy Field 2 has been removed from Nexon America’s main portal, the closed beta did not live up to expectations (from what I’ve heard), no lines of communication between the NF2 team and the community (Facebook, Youtube) have been updated in a while (~6 months) and the website is just sitting there unchanged. The prognosis is very grim.

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  1. No surprise there. When I played the beta, i was soo bored. I played like once then logged. All the people there were trashing the game on how bad it is and a waste of their time. And I haveta agree ^^;. It’s w/e tho. More people working on MS and Deth Bath. ;D

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