[MSU] The Msupdate Report

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? I think it does…

I have decided to post this for two reasons:

  1. To keep my active visitors up-to-date on what I’m working on that I’m ready to reveal.
  2. Because I know that if I blog that I’m going to do something I better do it unless I have a really good excuse. Otherwise, some people will have my head.

The current format of lots and lots of posts with individual posts for every topic while I’m blogging about everything that has to do with Nexon that is at all relevant to Western gamers is getting old. So I’m pulling a Nexon and…


From now on, once several new developments that have something in common pop-up around the same time they’ll be reported in a single blog post. I first tried this out in [VINEU] [MSA] [CA] Vindictus Europe CBT Begins + MapleStory Adventures 1.10 + Combat Arms Fusion Stage 2. All three of those games are published by Nexon (America & Europe) so they have something in common that people want to read about. So you will likely not see posts about MapleStory and WonderKing in the same post, unless it’s a post about 2D side-scrolling MMOs. Or Atlantica and League of Legends, unless it’s about different types of strategy games.



A new tradition of the Msupdate blog is breaks from posts on Saturdays, as you can see from this month. My work week is so hectic these days that I am too lazy to do any thing that requires thought on Saturdays. Do not worry though! If something that requires immediate posting comes up on a Saturday I will be posting it.



You know the topic tags, those tags that usually come before the actual post name? Por ejemplo, ‘[MSU]’. Those were put in place by me because I want whoever is viewing the blog (including myself) to quickly be able to see what the post is about even if it isn’t mentioned in the title. With the new format of posting titles are going to become a lot longer and topic tags are taking up lots of space. I’m thinking about removing them but won’t do so until I see how much of a hindrance they really will be.



As announced not too long ago, The Ultimate List of Free2Play MMOs has had its link removed so it can be brought up-to-date. I’m working on it slowly and hope to have it launched again by the end of the year. I wouldn’t mind some help though and that is why if you know of any free-to-play game publisher that isn’t on the list below, please comment on this post or send an email to msupdate@live.com. I’m good with MMOs, but I know I’m missing many companies. Facebook game publishers are also listed below but it isn’t necessary to recommend any, just game publishers for Windows.

  1. Aeria Games
  2. Atari
  3. CJ Internet (Netmarble)
  4. Electronic Arts (Play 4 Free)
  5. Frogster America
  6. Z8Games (G4Box)
  7. Gala-Net (GPotato)
  8. Gamania (Beanfun!)
  9. Gamepot
  10. Gamigo
  11. Gravity Interactive (WarpPortal)
  12. Jagex
  13. JCE (Gamekiss)
  14. Joymax
  15. Kru Interactive
  16. Lolapps
  17. OGPlanet
  18. OnNet USA (GamesCampus)
  19. Nexon America
  20. NHN USA (ijji)
  21. Outspark
  22. Perfect World Entertainment
  23. Redbana
  24. Riot Games
  25. SG Interactive (Ntreev)
  26. Webzen
  27. WeMade Entertainment
  28. Zynga



In addition to the Ultimate List of Free2Play MMOs I continue to work on some projects.

This Month in Our Past

This Month in Our Past continues and it posted around once a month. Each installment is posted in the last week of a month or first week of the next. So the October edition should be released somewhere from September 25 to October 8. This Month in Our Past is a monthly post highlighting the content that Global MapleStory has received in updates in this month in years gone by.

Random, but Relevant Posts

I think of something interesting that has nothing do with any development currently going around. I post it. Those are Random, but Relevant Posts. They will continue to be posted as often as I can think of something.

Content Predictions

Content predicting has gotten harder is some way, easier in some ways since the new schedule of Nexon…


That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop predicting! I admit I was a bit nervous to start up again but after my recent successful Jump!/Ascension predictions which were heavily criticized I think I’m ready to go again. Predictions of Legend, and future updates, are coming soon!

Nexon America’s Approval Rating Surveys

The next approval rating survey doesn’t started until November 1, but that isn’t stopping me from making plans on how I’m going to reward 5 lucky survey takers a share of 50,000 NX. Can Nexon improve on their approval rating?

Msupdate’s Top Lists

I have a number of lists counting down my favorites of things dealing with MapleStory, Nexon and the free-to-play industry. They are Msupdate’s Top Lists and can all be viewed at https://msupdate.wordpress.com/msupdates-top-5-lists/. The Ultimate List of Free2Play MMOs was also there but of course that has been removed temporarily. Actually, some of those lists are either outdated or my opinion has changed and I’ll slowly update them.


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  1. 50,000NX? Sir (or woman)…… I just shat brix.

    • 50,000NX for 5 people is only 10,000 each. And since I’m only giving out 5 coupons, you have like a 0.5% chance of winning based on how many surveys takers participated last time.

  2. 50k, nty, your love is more than enough 😉
    Aaaah who am I kidding, I want it, I want it, I want it, I waaaaaaant iiiiiiiiiit !!!!!

    Funny, how NA is in the 19th place -_-

  3. msupdate :
    LOL it is in alphabetical order.

    hmmmmm .. sure it is I believe you /sarcasm

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