[MS] International MapleStory October 19 Content Updates

October 19 will be a busy day for MapleStory players all over the world as several services of the game will be going thorough patches to add in content.

Japan MapleStory 2.04: Legend

JapanMS’s first Legend update is here! Included in this update are the Cannon Shooter and Mercedes classes. JapanMS has decided to merge the Jump! and Legend update in two patches, on October 19 and November 16.

China MapleStory 0.97: Jump!

October 19 brings the Jump! update to ChinaMS. Monster Park, the revamping of mages, warriors and bowmen, the airplane mount system, new party quests, the user interface update and the Capture the Flag PvP mode will all be released.

A mysterious Mercedes image has appear on the Jump! teaser website. Might we see a CMS Legend announcement soon?

Taiwan MapleStory 1.38: Jump!

TaiwanMS will receive their first Jump! update on October 19. The revamp of the classes will be added on this day, with two updates following soon.

MapleStory South East Asia 1.10: Chaos [Return of the Hero]

The Heroes are returning in MapleSEA on October 19 as Aran, Evan and Dual Blade classes get revamped! Technological Age and Super Fight will follow on November 9. It is not yet clear whether Ice Knight will be released along with Super Fight on November 9 or if it will be released at a later date.


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  1. Just to let you know, MapleSEA’s Chaos update will be Ver instead of 1.0.7.

  2. JapanMS Legend is v2.04. 😛

    • 2.04 .. how does their patch numbers work ?
      0.01,0.02 – 0.09, 0.1 ..
      does that means this is their 204th version ?!! Or do they just count minor patches & maintances ?

      • The same way GlobalMS’s work. 0.01, 0.02… 1.01, 1.02… BUT when they released… Chaos was it, they skipped from version 1.4x or 1.5x to 2.00. JapanMS was released a year and a half before Global so it’s not a surprise they’re so far ahead where the client version is.

    • I’m not very good with these patch numbers. ROFL. Thanks :).

  3. and MapleStory Global get nothing, server mainteance and moar useless nx equips meanwhile hackers are duping and game is dying thanks alot nexon america.

    • Yeah… uhh huh. In case you haven’t noticed we are ahead of all of these services except for JMS, and even their position ahead of us can be argued. Each week every service of the game, GMS or not, gets new cash items when they don’t go through a content update. For the billionth time people, the game isn’t dying.

    • We are getting Monster familiar next week.. Look at tespia vids. What we get :
      SIdekick — Works like party and family, lv difference : 5 – 30. You can ask someone to be you sidekick. When he kills a monster you get the monsters’ exp without him losing exp. So if he kills a monster that gives 50 exp. He gets 50 exp AND YOU AS WELL. It’s like being on 2x 😉

      • Forgot to add :
        Monster familiar : to lazy to explain, youtube it, it’s from JMS
        Halloween, I HOPE we can craft epic godly stat hats again, like my lovely +15 str hat, wich wit pot now gives +1% str and +2 str =D
        and some other events .. CAN”T WAIT FOR SIDEKICK YARG !

  4. I hope knight of cygnus can up 200 lvl and knight of cygnus have new skill in 4 job.This skill is cannot same hero,s skill,must different and cool skill…update

    • Nah, Cygnus Knights were meant for a specific type of players (casual) and having a final level cap of 120 makes it pretty well suited for the casual player. I want it to stay at 120.

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