[MSCA 2011] 2011 MapleStory Community Awards


Global MapleStory is more than a game. It’s a community of people the world over who come together every day to experience adventure, excitement, and fellowship. Now, for the first time in MapleStory history, we would like to publicly recognize those individuals who have made great contributions to the MapleStory community.

We have selected four winners, identified by their forum names, for their outstanding achievements in three categories: Creative Expressionist, Humanitarian, and Socialite.

Please join us in congratulating the winners in the First Annual MapleStory Community Awards!

The Creative Expression Award

Yoshumari (Fanfiction)
This Mapler is known for his talent creating fan fiction. With over 15 chapters in his own MapleStory epic since 2010, we look forward to many more adventures to come!

Check it out here.

klydekiss (Art)
Well known in the community for creating amazing works of Maple-inspired art, this Mapler recently posted pictures of two new beautiful sculptures. We’d like to express our thanks for the hard work she’s put into things that the whole community can enjoy.

See the art here.

The Humanitarian Award

This Mapler takes community service to the next level, selflessly giving back to the community by providing guidance and aid to all Maplers — in-game and out.

Socialite 2011

Angel Wings
True to her name, Angel Wings spreads the good news and keeps fans updated on all things MapleStory through Facebook and Twitter.

All four winning Maplers will receive an exclusive in-game medal as well as a trophy hand-sculpted by Nexon America’s very own web designer and resident artist.

The medals will not come with any stats, but are one-of-a-kind and will serve to distinguish the winning Maplers in-game.*

The trophy is still in production, but promises to be a fitting and regal tribute to our recipients.**

Congratulations to our four winners and thank you to all Maplers for helping to make our community the best it can be!


-The MapleStory Team-


*Winners will be contacted via email and provided with the code to receive their medals in the next few weeks.

**Winners will be contacted for their real world mailing addresses and the trophies will be mailed out once they are completed.


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  1. Hey msupdate remember the win a trip to korea contest?.remember the 2 weird pictures that were never discoverd like the dog and the charecter screen selection what do you think they are now?.

  2. skullowl :
    Hey msupdate remember the win a trip to korea contest?.remember the 2 weird pictures that were never discoverd like the dog and the charecter screen selection what do you think they are now?.

    what dog ? And wasn’t that character the mech ?

  3. skullowl :
    nope there was a black dog with a golden collar

    skullowl how did you got that . Can you please give me the link, did you got that information from spadow ?

  4. msupdate :
    I still can’t find the pic =/. I think I’m going blind/

    skullowl :

    I can say that the dog is froma cutscene .. but it doesnt look like a dog to me. It looks like a human (king?) on the left side of the screen and then something like a wep on the right side … But who knows what it is . I Doubt its a new job because why would they wait 1 year to release something .. I mean, it took them 6 months to announce the resistnace that was seen in this picture.. I don’t think they will delay a job for 1 year. Keep in mind that all this was seen during the development of the resistance, wich means, what we have seen should have been released around the Resisance time, and if not, it got cut off

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