[CMST] ChinaMS Tespia Open For Chaos

Shanda Games, the publisher of MapleStory in China, has opened the upcoming Chaos update for testing in CMST. Although no date has yet been announced, it is likely that ChinaMS will be the first service of the game outside of Korea to receive the Chaos update, as could have already been expected after creation of the Heroes and Dual Blade was temporarily disabled quite a while ago.

TaiwanMS has also began advertising their Chaos update but it’s nothing major so I doubt they’re getting Chaos too soon.

Chaos likely arrives in Global MapleStory on June 29!

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  1. -gasps-
    I was hoping for the Global version to get it first.

    • Don’t worry. Global has been getting most content first outside of Korea for more than a year now so I’m sure we can let them have this one :). I think the major reason Chaos isn’t coming to us until late June is because that’s when summer will be entering its peak period as most schools will be on holiday and people will start taking their summer vacations from work (like me :)).

  2. Creative.

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  4. Oh and how do i change the thingy at the top

  5. Soon…There will be Chaos! -evil laugh-

  6. Spadow :
    Soon…There will be Chaos! -evil laugh-

    OMG SPADOW … why would you visit msupdate ;D

  7. because msupdate is pro.

  8. juiceee :
    because msupdate is pro.

    I know, but I have never seen spadow here, and now he comments randomly with an equaly random comment

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