[GMS] Return of Golden Temple

[ 02.23.11 – 03.15.11 ]
A Lost Temple Found Again!

Do you hear that? That’s the call of adventure! You demanded its return and between February 23rd and March 15th, 2011 one of MapleStory’s most popular locations is re-opening for plunder!

Of course you still have to survive a deadly gauntlet of monsters and dangers and let’s just say they haven’t gotten any friendlier since they’ve been away!

To find the Golden Temple, follow these easy steps:
1. With level 15 character or above, speak to Cassandra, who will tell you about the Golden Temple
2. Use a Dimensional Mirror to travel to the temple and speak to Mr. Yoo
3. Once per day he will provide you with a quest to get a FREE Golden Ticket that will allow you to enter one of the Temple’s mini-dungeons.

From there, all you have to do is stay alive.  That’s the trick though, isn’t it?

Shortcut to the Temple?

The good thing about the Golden Temple returning is that now more people than ever know how to get there. That’s created a brisk trade of Premium Golden Tickets in Maple World.  Adventurers can now purchase Golden Ticket bundles in quantities of 11 and 35!

A Mysterious Monkey?

The good news is the Golden Temple has already given everyone in Maple World the chance to access a treasure without setting foot inside. Of course we’re talking about a mysterious Monkey pet available in the Cash Shop!  If you snatch up this adorable limited-time Monkey pet, you’ll also get a Golden Temple ticket absolutely FREE! That brings up the question of just who sent out all these monkeys with tickets to lure people to the Temple…

Are you geared up for adventure? Get your NX!
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