[NXFB] Dragon Nest Facebook Page Launched!

Nexon America opened the official Dragon Nest
Facebook page
on Friday, February 18, 2011. Since its launch 13 hours ago the page has reached 1,415 likes as of 4:54AM Pacific on February 18.

Dragon Nest is a next generation non-targeting action MMORPG developed by South Korean Eyedentity Games. The game is published in Korea through Nexon, Japan through NHN, China through Shanda and Taiwan through Gamania. Its North America (through Nexon America), European and South East Asian releases are upcoming.

Classes in Dragon Nest are gender-locked, at least for now. They are the Warrior (top left), Sorceress (top right), Cleric (bottom left) and Archer (bottom right). Each of these classes have a special role to play at each stage in a dungeon run, making everybody important.
At level 15 each class can advance into a 2nd class advancement.

For more information on the classes see the Dragon Nest Class Guide, courtesy of mmosite.

Dragon Nest uses a fatigue system to limit a player’s gameplay to a reasonable amount.

For more videos go to the Video page of the Msupdate Blog and Ctrl+F for ‘Dragon Nest’, or go on youtube and search around.

Dragon Nest is coming, so get ready.


Posted on February 19, 2011, in Dragon Nest, Nexon America, Nexon Facebook. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. i love the soceres, she can pause time and do some kickass skills 🙂
    Cant wait for this to come to europe, since the only NExon America game i can play is Maplestory, i have to wait for the europian release.. and no offence to my fellow europians, but compared to americans, you guys are kinda nooby, as in you lack knowledge of the game you play

  2. oooh and you can see the pantys of the archer…. lol

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