[MSEA v91] Ghost Ship in the Sea Mist

Dear Maplers,

The upcoming patch of Version 0.91:


Launching of Dual Raid

Brief Information
Are you always known as a combative Mapler in your guild or your buddy group? Then you are most welcome to join other competitive Maplers in a round of Dual Raid!

The latest addition to our existing party quests, Dual Raid (Level Requirement of 60-80) originates from a long forgotten ghost ship situated in a hidden part in the Aquarium.

Only the smartest mammal in the sea can bring you to the Wrecked Ghost Ship but you will have to reward him for his courage and effort for bringing you there.

Dolphin being a loyal friend of yours will always be there for you when you need him.

Tip: You must be from level 60-80 to participate in Dual Raid. Accept auto quest ‘Rumor in the Sea of Fog’ and enter the Wrecked Ghost Ship via Dolphin Taxi or Mirror of Dimension.


NPC Norington will shed some light on more information on Dual Raid. Pay attention to him and your adventure in Ghost Ship will most likely be a smooth one!

Inside the map Ghost Ship: Navigation, you will be joining your team members in the waiting area to wait for 2 full teams of players (total of 6 players) in order for the Dual Raid to be initiated.

The Dual Raid will begin in 10 seconds, once 2 full teams are present the Ghost Ship: Navigation.

Both teams (Red & Blue) are required to clear all 5 stages within the given time of 15 minutes to proceed on to the last stage for the final boss: Captain of Ghost Ship.


Player can always keep an eye on the points accumulated, time duration left, progression of each team, stage instructions and the current stage of player using the information listed in the game.

Once 1 of the 2 teams completed all the 5 stages within the given time, both teams will enter the 2nd waiting area (with a waiting time of 10 seconds) to proceed on to the last stage for the final boss: Captain of Ghost Ship at the Lost Captain Room map.


Points will be accumulated according to the damage done by each team and it will be displayed in red/blue bar as shown above.

Both teams will be moved to the exit map once the boss is defeated. Reward will be provided based on the performance of your team (according to points system).


For avid achievers of Dual Raid, you will be able to receive the Marine Officer Cape from NPC Norington upon the completion of Dual Raid for 30 times and 50 times respectively.

image (Marine Officer Cape, Level Requirement: 60) to be received upon the completion of 30 times of Dual Raid
Weapon Def: 20
Magic Def: 20
Number of Upgrades Available: 6

image (Marine Officer Cape, Level Requirement: 70) to be received upon the completion of 50 times of Dual Raid
HP: +20
MP: +20
Weapon Def: 20
Magic Def: 20
Number of Upgrades Available: 7

So take note! Don’t forget to get your Marine Office Cape from NPC Norington or he will use the cape for himself.

[System] Implementation of NEW Horned Tail Rules
1. Minimum number of Squad Members required to start a Horned Tail session has been increased to 12, instead of the former 6 squad members.
2. Upon the completion of each stage, a timer will be in placed for 15 minutes. All squad members will have to move on to the next map within 15 minutes, or all users will be teleported to Leafre Town after the time limit.


1. April Fool’s Day Event (From 24th March to 6th April 2010)
Take part in our specially planned event for this April Fool’s Day and we know you will love the Pinocchio Nose as much as we do. image

Event/Quest Available for April Fool’s Day
Liar Liar! Quest

Help Out Gordan!

Distinctive Boss Monsters in selected maps
Some of the mischievous monsters are using transformation potions to deceive Maplers in believing that boss monsters have been unleashed in most Maple land. Destroy these pretentious monsters and you will know that they are not as almighty as the real boss monsters are!

Cash Item Sales Event
Retro School Uniform Jacket (F)
Retro School Uniform Pants (F)
Retro School Uniform (M)

Here is your chance to cross dress your character and surprise your friends with your manly/feminine side of you.

Take note that the sales periods for the cross dress uniforms are from 31st March ~ 7th April 2010. Don’t miss this sale!

2. Welcome Back Event (From 10th March – 6th April 2010)
To show our appreciation for players who have decided to join back in the fun in MapleSEA this summer, we decided to give a 1-day Special Coupon for players who have not login since 10th Feb 2010 for a better mapling experience with their pals!

Maplers who have not login since 10th Feb, must login to the Cash Shop and check on their Cash Wardrobe to receive the 1-day Special Coupon.

3. Fishing King Event (From 10th March – 6th April 2010)
The Fishing King Event is back and even better! We have better range of items for Maplers to exchange for.
Maplers will need a Fishing Rod to fish for “Golden Fish” image and “Golden Fish Egg” image and exchange them for special item(s) with NPC Kendrick. The list of special items and their exchange rate is as follows.

a. 500 Golden Fish to exchange for Supreme Fishing King Flag (All Stats +8 – Validity Period of 10 Days)
b. 300 Golden Fish to exchange for Strawberry Icecream Bar
c. 200 Golden Fish to exchange for Chocolate Icecream Bar
d. 100 Golden Fish to exchange for Melon Icecream Bar
e. 50 Golden Fish to exchange for Watermelon Icecream Bar

image That’s not all! The Mapler who has the highest number of Golden Fish Egg as of 5th April 2010, 2359hrs will win a Reverse Weapon of his/her class.
image Mapler who has the highest number of Golden Fish as of 5th April 2009, 2359hrs will win away a Fishing King Medal (All Stats +10 – Permanent Item).
image And the 2nd to 30th Mapler who has the highest number of Golden Fish as of 5th April 2010, 2359hrs will win a Medal of Fishing Master (All Stats +7 – Validity Period of 90 days).

Start fishing as soon as you can to be the one to receive the Reverse Weapon, Medal of Fishing King and Medal of Fishing Master!

Duration of the event is subjected to change at the discretion of developers and management without prior notice.
4. Gachapon Stamp Event (From 10th March – 31st March 2010)
It’s time to collect the Gachapon Stamps again!

From 10th March – 31st March 2010, for every Gachapon Ticket purchased from the Cash Shop, you can get a Gachapon Stamp!
Collect these Gachapon Stamps and you can exchange them for ingame items with NPC Maple Administrator.

Image Item Name Stamp Required
image White Elixir 1 Stamp
image Power Up Drink 3 Stamps
image Energy Drink 5 Stamps
image Onyx Apple (1) 25 Stamps
image Onyx Apple (3) 60 Stamps
image The Spirit of Rock Chair 100 Stamps
image Yellow Robot Chair 300 Stamps
image White Scroll 400 Stamps
image Guy Fawkes Mask
(All stat +5)
500 Stamps

Grab the limited edition items before they are gone!
Kindly ensure that you have at least 1 empty ETC slot in your inventory in order to receive the Gachapon Stamp upon the purchase of Gachapon Ticket.

5. 2X EXP during March School Holidays
Party up with your friends & relatives and enjoy the hunting process in MapleSEA in March!
For more information, please click here.

[Gachapon List Update]
Additional of 2 new weapons from the Raven Series along with other new items are now available in Gachapon machines around all towns! Hurry to your nearest Gachapon machine and try your luck now!

Gachapon Update on 10th March 2010

Image Name Level Requirement
image Night Raven Staff 120
image Night Raven Stormshear 120
image Fishing Pole 45
image Maroon Mop 36
image Sake Bottle 30
image Frozen Tuna 20
image Bloody Rose Chair 0
image World End Chair 0

Items listed above will be implemented in ALL Gachapon stations located in MapleSEA. Good Luck~

[Cash Shop Update]

[Equip] 3D Glasses
[Equip] Pink Sweater
[Equip] Stylish Check and Chain
[Use] Splash and Splash (1)
[Use] Splash and Splash (11)
[Etc] Seal Lock: 365 Days
[Etc] Ga-cha-pon Ticket (50)
[Etc] Ga-cha-pon Ticket (100)
– MapleSEA Administrator


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