[DN] AsiaSoft Thailand to Publish Dragon Nest

This has been an extremely huge past couple of days for Dragon Nest. The time has been made even bigger as AsiaSoft has announced the publishing of Dragon Nest for Thailand. Other recent events are the announcement of ‘The Next Dragon Nest’ update for Korea Dragon Nest, as well as the opening of the teaser websites for the North American and Global (South East Asian) services and the announcement that the game is coming to Europe sometime this year. The Korean service of the game is also going through its first anniversary this month.

Nexon Korea – Korea Dragon Nest Official Website: http://dragonnest.nexon.com/main/home/index.html

Shanda – China Dragon Nest Official Website: http://dn.sdo.com/web7/home/index.asp

NHN Japan – Japan Dragon Nest Official Website: http://dragonnest.hangame.co.jp/

Gamania – Taiwan Dragon Nest Official Website: http://tw.beanfun.com/DN/

Nexon America – North America Dragon Nest Official Website: http://dragonnest.com/

Shanda – Global (SEA) Dragon Nest Official Website: http://dn.cherrycredits.com/

AsiaSoft – Thailand Dragon Nest Official Website: http://dragonnest.asiasoft.co.th/

The massive update to Dragon Nest in Korea which is coming on March 24 includes the 3rd job advancement, Lotus Marsh (new region) along with new dungeons and other interesting features.


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  1. can i play thai dragon nest in myanmar ( Burma )

  2. but u know, Burma doesn’t have DN yet!! The people don’t even know what game it is!!! Really fed up with them!!! btw, how can play DN SEA from thailand

  3. coz i’m playing thai DN and it’s just lvl40 cap now. 50 cap will come next year!!

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