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Last Update: January 14, 2011

Sources of Videos

Spadow’s Channel
Mazefind’s Channel
Skycombat’s Channel
Aristos’ Channel
MapleStory’s lolChannel
Vindictus’ Channel

and other places around Youtube

Recommended Videos


Pink Bean Down!

Big Bang and Resistance

Coming soon to Global MapleStory.

Trailers and PVs, Past, Present and Future

Ahh, memories.

American MapleStory Ads

Because we can, and it’s free

Official MapleStory Cartoon

51 and 52 are hilarious!



Trailer for the best F2P MMO in the world.

Character Intro Videos

Which will you choose?

Extreme Edition

And the best just gets better.


Episode 6: Paladin and Dark Knight Transformations

Dragon Nest

Trailers and PVs


BlockParty Blabber Box

Nexon’s best idea since Vindictus…


January 14, 2011: Added Bladder Box and changed a few Korean videos to English videos.
October 24: Replaced Korean Big Bang trailer with English Big Bang trailer. Added Vindictus open beta trailer.
September 1: Added two new videos to Vindictus section.
August 24: Added “Pink Bean Down!” section to MapleStory.
August 22: Added “Episode 6: Paladin and Dark Knight Transformations” to Vindictus section.
August 7: Added 3 new videos.
July 30: Added Gameplay section to Vindictus. Added Dragon Nest section with Trailers and PVs and Gameplay.

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