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[VIN] Vindictus Europe Beta Begins This September

Nexon Europe is taking Vindictus to GamesCon in Germany from August 17 to 21. It has been confirmed that Vindictus Europe will be launching as the Xtreme Edition of Vindictus, which offers unrestrained combat and combos that make Vindictus’ combat and general gameplay even more amazing, along with many other systems. This Xtreme Edition, by the way, isn’t yet available in North America, while both the Xtreme and original editions of the game are available in Korea. The European service of Vindictus will be available in English and German at launch.

You can sign up for the closed beta of Europe’s most anticipated free-to-play MMO ever by visiting .

[NXNA] What’s With Nexon?

I don’t understand something. I’m not the type of person who blames Nexon for every thing that doesn’t go perfectly. Unlike the majority of the community I applaud Nexon for the improvements that they have made over the past several years and don’t curse them because they aren’t perfect. I thank them for their hard work on all of their games for over six years. I blame hackers before I blame Nexon and sympathize with them when an update or maintenance is extended, because I think of the workers who have to sit there for how many hours working on the games we sit and enjoy. Maybe this is all because I work in the gaming industry and can relate. But really, I want to know if there is something wrong with Nexon. When I say ‘something wrong with Nexon’, I don’t necessarily mean something that Nexon is doing wrong, but that something is just generally wrong.

All Nexon games ever including closed/transferred ones such as Audition have experienced large amounts of hacking. MAYBE Kart Rider and Sugar Rush which never left beta phase, and iTCG which was a simple browser game can be excluded. Hacking is a hard issue to deal with, it’s like crime. It can’t be eliminated completely from any game, but actions can be taken to reduce it to acceptable levels. Unfortunately, Nexon game hacking levels are currently unacceptable.

It’s hard for Nexon. Their games are some of the most popular in North America. When you’re being attacked by so many hackers at once, it’s hard to keep up. But how does Riot Games do it? League of Legends from Riot Games is probably the most popular game in North America right now. It’s free-to-play. The hacking is there, you can see it, but it’s definitely acceptable.
Another example is Cross Fire from Z8Games. Cross Fire is likely the most popular shooter in the world due to its American and Chinese success. It’s really popular and, like League of Legends, you can clearly see hacking, but the hacking is acceptable.
Silkroad Online from Joymax, Battle of the Immortals and Forsaken World from Perfect World Entertainment, Luna Online and Flyff from Gala-Net (GPotato), A.V.A. and GunZ from NHN (ijji). For all of those the hackers can be seen but they’re kept down by the game’s publisher.

So what’s wrong with Nexon? Why are they unable to reduce the number of hackers terrorizing their games? It’s not like it’s one or two of their games, it’s all of them. Every. Single. One. All I can do is wish Nexon good luck in their fight again those demons we call hackers.

Zach is sad :(. I think I’ll quit MS for tonight.

[NXNA] An All New! Part 2

Edit: The launch of the new portal has been postponed. The new launch date will be announced by Nexon America soon.

To see part one of the changes, click here.

Although no official confirmation about BlockParty has been made I’m assuming that it has been canceled and will go ahead and edit the BlockParty Wikipedia article.

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[NXNA] An All-New! Part I

Edit: The launch of the new portal has been postponed. The new launch date will be announced by Nexon America soon.

To see part one of the changes, click here.

So is getting a makeover, and there’s still on mention of BlockParty, and I’m getting nervous. Why would they remodel their portal when the portal would be changed for BlockParty anyway? Has BlockParty been cancelled? Well last year the Nexon logo was being coupled with the BlockParty logo in videos, pictures, and even at E3 2010, but not so recently, or at E3 2011. And I have noticed that they are referring to it as the ‘Blabber Box’, rather than the ‘BlockParty Blabber Box’ now. I am making my conclusion that Nexon has cancelled BlockParty.

Or, as the dangerously optimistic part of my mind is thinking, BlockParty will be revealed further in ‘An All-New! Part II’, whenever that comes. Also, the teaser site is still open, so yeah… And, and Nexon emails are still being sent through a ‘’ email address.

We are pleased to announce the upcoming debut of our brand new Nexon portal! The Nexon website has been totally redesigned to be more user friendly, with a cleaner appearance and more intuitive functionality. The new portal will launch on June 17th, 2011 but you can get the first look at our new look right here!

Please note that as some aspects of the portal are still being finalized, the appearance and text may vary slightly upon launch.

The new portal will feature one game in a large header at the top of the page, and the rest of our titles—including new Facebook games—below. All the game images will display a “PLAY” button when rolled over, and will navigate you to the individual game site when clicked on.

Now appearing at the top of every Nexon page, the Global Navigation Tool has also been overhauled to provide you with one-click access to the pages that matter most.

Log in with either your Nexon account email address or your ID, then choose from links and drop-down menus to the following: Manage Account, Get NX, Get Support, as well as a new “PLAY” button.

Please note that as these pages are still being finalized, this text may vary slightly upon launch.

Clicking on Manage Account will direct you to an all-new Account Settings page where you can view and edit all of your account information. Update your account email address, password, and secondary security, all in one place! From this page you will now also be able to review your recent purchases as well as purchase or redeem NX.

Protect your account with new security features! You will now be able to set up security questions or verify your account through Facebook to give you both flexibility and enhanced protection. These will replace last name and date of birth as the information you will use to verify your identity before making changes to your account information, such as updating your email address or password.

Stay tuned for information on other exciting new features in “An All-New! Part II.” and get ready- the new portal launches on June 17th!

The Nexon Team


[NX] [E3] Nexon at E3 2011! Days 1, 2 & 3 – Farewell and See You Next Year

If any new vids or pics become available they’ll be posted here.

The largest gaming expo of the year is here and Nexon is back this year to showcase the successful Vindictus and anticipated Dragon Nest.

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[VINEU] Vindictus Europe Set for Q4 2011 Launch

Vindictus, one of the most anticipated free-to-play experiences ever, is set to launch in Europe in Q4 of 2011. Vindictus is the world’s first physics-based MMORPG which combines stunning visuals with high-speed combat, bringing a brutal elegance to the PC gaming space. Using a modified Source Engine to enable interaction with the environment, players will be able to throw and shatter objects, hurl debris, bind enemies with chains, and pierce defenses with spears.

If you didn’t already know, Vindictus Europe was originally expected to be launched in Q4 of 2010 or Q1 of 2011.

“First of all, we’d like to apologise for the delay of the European launch of Vindictus. We know players in Europe were eager and excited to get their hands on Vindictus as soon as possible and we are glad that we are back on track now for a Q4 release”, says SungJin Kim, CEO of Nexon Europe. “We are preparing the roll-out in the European territory right now and will localise the game to at least one more language until launch. Vindictus is already a huge success for us in North America and was very well received by the gaming community. We hope players all over Europe will enjoy the game just as much.”

Nexon will address the European launch of Vindictus at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) next week and Gamescom in August, unveiling new content and being on hand at Nexon’s E3 booth to address any European media queries. Nexon Europe is planning to have a significant presence at Europe’s largest gaming event Gamescom, which takes place in Cologne, Germany from August 17th-21st, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details.