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[GMS] Dev. Blog: Capture the Flag

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[GMST 1.00] Capture the Flag

Details coming soon…

[GMS v99] Chaos is Coming

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[GMS] Global Chaos Unveiled & Blabber Box Episode 3

Me: So… what IS the Chaos update?
You: Well, Chaos is a three part update…
Me: NO! Chaos is coming to Global MapleStory in FIVE PARTS
You: Oh, well, Chaos is really big…
Me: NOOO!!!!! It’s not big, it’s MASSIVE.
You: Oh yeah, I agree. Well we’ll basically be taking a lot of content straight from Korea…
Me: NO NO NO!!!!! The fifth and final part of the GlobalMS Chaos update will add into the game EXCLUSIVE CONTENT.
You: And how exactly do you know all of this?
Me: Well, the Machinima team paid a visit to Nexon America’s offices recently and they had an exclusive interview with MapleStory producer Kristin Cox and it is the official unveiling of Global MapleStory’s Chaos update. Not only that, but BLABBER BOX EPISODE 3 IS OUT!!!

Maybe we’ll see even more secrets being unveiled at E3.

Also, Vindictus and Dragon Nest.