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[GMS 1.00] Chaos: Age of Triumph [Chaos 5]

Age of Triumph begins on August 10th!

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[GMS] Next Server: Titan, Nova or Both?

Before I start this post, I’d like to inform everyone that I’ve updated my About page with a section with information on me. I decided that more needed to be on the About page after the section about the blog itself, which was wonderfully written by my slave monkey Bubbles (my friend Mo). Check it out!

This is a sequel to [GMS v99] Chaos, Nova or Both?

So we all know that Nova server is coming soon, possibly next up on July 11. But will it definitely come on July 11, or will the other world with a bandana in the data, Titan come first? I say we’ll either get Nova next and then that’s it for servers with Chaos or we’ll get Titan in Age of Artisans and then Nova with Age of Artisans. The chances are about 50/50 by my predictions.

[GMS v99] Chaos, Nova or Both?

Edit: I was right. Chaos server will be released with Age of Heroes. Nova will probably come with Age of Artisans or Age of Battle.

When GlobalMS had its last patch, two servers were added into the data: Chaos and Plana. Plana is likely just a place holder for the server being released during the Chaos updates, which will likely be Nova since Nova rose victorious in a recent poll in which players voted on which server they would like to come during the Chaos updates. But Nexon has never said in which Chaos update Nova server would come and Chaos server was added into the data and what better time is there to add Chaos server than in the Chaos updates?

My prediction: Chaos server will definitely be released in the first Chaos update. Nova will come with it if Nexon decides to open two worlds at the same time. If Nexon decides not to open two worlds at the same time, then Nova will come in the second or third Chaos update. But I haven’t predicted in a while so I’m a little shaky. We’ll just have to wait and see!

[GMS v99] Chaos is Coming

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[MSU] GMS History Test Analysis

Well the first Msupdate GMS History Test has come to an end and its time to know how you did in comparison to the community and to learn a thing or two about GlobalMS’s past. I hope you remember your answers. The questions that require one answer are worth one mark and the questions that require three are worth three marks per answer. This means that the entire survey is worth 15 marks.

Question 1

When the MapleStory cash shop was opened, which company had just taken over as the official publishers?

Percentage of survey takers who attempted question: 96.08%

Nexon Korea (8.16%)
Wizet (32.65%)
NXGames (18.37%)
Nexon America (40.82%)

Correct Answer: NXGames

This question was one of the hardest to answer because the event that this is asking about took place a very long time ago and unless you were actually there, you’d probably not know. The correct answer is NXGames. NXGames is the name that the team behind the early Global MapleStory was operating as. This team was based in Korea, servicing the North American-aimed but internationally available GlobalMS remotely from Korea. When GlobalMS was first launched, Wizet was the publisher but when the cash shop was opened NXGames took over.

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