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[MSEA] Goodbye Heroes and Dual Blades, For Now

As of August 17, the creation of Dual Blades, Arans and Evans will be disabled in MapleSEA as they prepare for the Chaos that will rise later this year. This will not affect characters that have been created before August 17 and these classes will return after the Chaos update.

The Lion King’s Castle and Von Leon will also be released in MapleSEA on August 17.

Grats MapleSEA!

[MSEA] 40,000 Concurrent Users

AsiaSoft and Nexon have announced that MapleStory South-East Asia has reached 40,000 peak concurrent users and has surpassed 4,000,000 registered users in July 2011. This after the recently added Big Bang updates.

In comparison, Global MapleStory has 8,000,000 registered users (as of May 2011) and hit 136,000 concurrent users after Big Bang in December 2010. Korea MapleStory has over 12,000,000 registered users, including a Korean record 588,000 concurrent users. Though not quite up to the mark of GlobalMS or KoreaMS, MapleSEA’s achievement is still great, especially for a South-East Asian game.


[MSEA 1.06] Mechanics

The best class in MapleStory so far (in my opinion), the Mechanic, has arrived in MapleSEA.

The upcoming patch notes of Patch Version 1.06: Arrival of Reinforcement!

1. The Strongest Reinforcement! Mechanic!
2. Mechanic Support Event! (Event Period: 06/07/2011 – 31/07/2011)
3. Evolving Ring II Event! (Event Period: 06/07/2011 – 26/07/2011)
4. Grendel 6th Anniversary Final Diligent Seeker! (Event Period: 15/07/2011 to 24/07/2011)
5. Monster Box Event! (Event Period: 06/07/2011 to 20/07/2011)
6. Sheep Ranch Event! (Event Period: 06/07/2011 – 31/07/2011)
7. English School Party Quiz! (Event Period: 06/07/2011 – 31/07/2011)
8. Permanent Decorative Cash Item Sales! (Event Period: 06/07/2011 – 20/07/2011)
9. Boss Monster Re-Balance!
10. Other In-Game Changes!
11. Gachapon Update
12. Cash Shop Update
13. [Download] v1.06 Full Client & Manual Patch

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[MSEA 1.05] Rise of the Resistance Game Update

MapleSEA will be going through a scheduled game update on Wednesday, May 25, 2011. The game update will approximately 10 hours.

{ Time }
0600hrs to 1600hrs

{ Updates }
Resistance Class Group
Resistance Events
6th Anniversary Events

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[MSEA 1.04] Game Update, Episode 3 – Big Bang

MapleSEA will be going through a game update on Wednesday, May 18, 2011 from 7:00AM to 5:00PM (GMT +8). This game update will deploy the Big Bang update. Patch notes are below.

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